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Nest Wifi WAN Static IP Not Saved

I just moved. I had my Nest Wifi set up at my old house, and I'm trying to set it up at my new one. My old house just used DHCP for the WAN settings, but my new ISP requires static IP address. I've followed the instructions on how to change the WAN s...

klavergne by Community Member
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Google Wifi disconnects all devices every now and then

HI all,I have 5 Google Wifi (gen. 1) devices throughout my home. The entire network (including the wired part) is behind the main AP. The wired part of my network has no issues.Every now and then the entire WiFi network goes offline. All mobile devic...

Brinkie by Community Member
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Resolved! Does Google.wi-fi replace your router?

Quite an easy question this, but I'm confused before I buy a Google WiFi point.Does the Google WiFi physically replaces your main router/modem that connects to your provider?In other words if I install the Google WiFi can I disconnect my old router. ...

Jassav by Community Member
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google WIFI

why when you merged the google WIFI to Google home app you also limited the options to do things

shawdow99 by Community Member
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Resolved! Need another Point?

A few months ago, I purchased the Nest router with 1 point. As I am trying to install webcams on the outside of the house, I am realizing that the signal outdoors is probably too weak, and will likely need another point/router to boost the signal on ...

JW180 by Community Member
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Wired backhaul troubleshooting

How can I tell if my routers are using the wired connection? How can I force them to use it if they aren’t?I have a 3 floor house and a barn that are wired with cat5. The wires all work with my old wireless routers. I updated to google 4 nest Wi-Fi r...

cynops by Community Member
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Google wifi setup fails

I'm setting up a mesh network using 4 second hand access points connected to a Huawei 4G modem/router. I have factory reset all the devices.The intent connection is tested and works. Setup always fails in the "gathering a few things" stage with the e...

Randommoz by Community Member
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As dumb as dumb gets NEST Wi-fi

So I have several nest cameras outdoors, one at front entrance and one in back entrance. I just upgraded my Verizon Fios and have a new router I also created a new pass for the wi-fi.So my cameras are offline and have to update the Wi-fi pass. From w...

Screenshot 2021-11-03 211418.png
Galexc by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi setup with Spectrum Modem

Hi,I had Spectrum internet at previous house and had my Next Wifi connected to it without any issues. I am in the process of moving and received a newer Spectrum modem to use at my new address. I tried for hours to get the Nest connected to the modem...

scottperz by Community Member
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Nest wifi mesh

Messags:"Unable to communicate with your network at thia time".How to fix?

NancyF by Community Member
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