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Escalate: No communications on support case since May 18.

I have 3 nest wifi points. The newest one immediately got stuck in a boot loop, and I quickly received an email from Google support telling me "we've noticed an issue with your Nest Wifi router", and proceeded to give me all the info (including seria...

mbaldini by Community Member
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Port forwarding my PC

So I have been recently been getting into video game server hosting, and thats all fair and good, but my only problem is port-forwarding. Since all game servers need to be port-forwarded to show up on the internet, I'd think to just find an article f...

Improving Google wifi pts connection from good to great

I have a 3500 sq ft home with two floors and have three Google wifi pts two on the first floor and second on the second floor. My google home app shows "Good" connection on both the wifi pts. How do I improve that to "Great" Connection?I have one wif...

Slow/Intermittent Speeds

Have Xfinity service at 1200 Mbps and have been struggling with slow/Intermittent speeds since upgrading to the Nest 6e. Xfinity was at the house today and verified they are receiving 983 Mbps down / 44 mbps up when they hard lined into the modem. Wh...


Several times I was awakened by the Wi-Fi point in my bedroom either flashing white and ringing like a call or flashing red and making a siren sound. When I unplugged the one in my bedroom, several nights later the hallway point started flashing with...

DeannaD by Community Member
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Help with printer/copier

I have created a Google Nest wifi mesh network and I have a switcher connected that has a cable running to a canon iR-adv 5235 copier/printer. I was able to use the printer on the network with the old router, but i can no longer find the printer on t...

rwilk by Community Member
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Yet Another AT&T Fiber BGW-320 + Nest Post

Hi, count me among the many who have had trouble getting AT&T's BGW-320 to play nicely with Nest mesh. I've tried both of the following configurations. Both have resulted in eventual failure of the mesh network (meaning the network is discoverable, b...

Stop automatic reset of Google router

So apparently the google routers factory reset them self's if they are not connected to the internet for 6 months +. This just forced me to set up my whole smart home again. Is there a way to stop it from doing this? I have my router in my summer hou...

Pause all Wi-Fi, not just all devices

I understand that you can pause Wi-Fi for a certain device or a group of devices from the app. However, I’m looking to pause the Wi-Fi across the board so that it is not accessible to all devices and is not turned on. Is there a way to do this throug...

Yale lock button not lighting up to add to nest

I have a Yale lock and Google Nest device. It was connected before but I recently changed internet providers and I needed to reset the Wi-Fi, I had to remove the Yale lock from The Nest app in order to do this and re-add. But when I went to re-add it...

Srebel by Community Member
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