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Google Wifi: Multiple Routers possible.

Hello,Is it possible to have multiple google wifi's connected to 1 modem?My home has a quirky layout in terms ethernet connectivity. Currently, I have my "router" in a non-central location (upstairs), A "point" (no ethernet port access) in a central ...

bhendlin by Community Member
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Nest Wifi issues with specific sites

Hello,We've been having issues connecting to specific sites on Nest Wifi (router and 2 points).Tried all solutions in my original poast/thread, to no avail:

Liz27 by Community Member
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Resolved! Moving the three Google Wifi extenders to improve signal.

Surprisingly I keep getting suggestions that two of my Wifi Extenders have a weak signal. They are a room away (20ft away) from the main unit and my Router which are in a different room. I discovered that the Unit I tried to use in my workshop/garage...

Google Wi-Fi point with two mesh

I have two google Wi-Fi that were purchased separately they both have one mesh is there anyway to connect all together so two mesh with our current router or do I need the three pack to do this ?

Jjame00 by Community Member
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Can't add nest wifi to mesh

Hello,I have a setup with 3 nest wifi pucks, these were all working fine until we had to unplug 2 of them for a while to do some remodeling. 1 of them connected right back up with no issue but the other one will not. I've tried factory resetting and ...

dustinyo by Community Member
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blocking android devices

The googles Wi-fi is blocking my Android devices I cannot update my apps on my mobile I have a Samsung Mobile and a Motorola Mobile my TV is a Sony but I can update on an iPhone. When I turn off Google's Wi-fi and start the older Wi-fi system everyth...

Mackeoin by Community Member
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New install using PPPoE

I just purchased a Nest Wifi router and point today. My ISP uses fios with PPPoE protocol. Before I unbox this is there clear guidance that the Nest Wifi works with PPPoE? Is there a preferred installation for this?Thank You

clipperqb by Community Member
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Nest WiFi and Google wifi

Hi.I’ve had Google mesh for 2-3 years.I originally had a 3 pack of WiFi pucks then got a Google nest and put in as a router and moved the 3 to points around the house.worked fine for 2 years.a couple of months ago the connections to points became rub...

DustyG by Community Member
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Resolved! Two Google Wi-Fi wired to ISP modem/router

I’ve acquired 06 Google WiFi’s to install in a two-story apartment here in Brazil.One is connected with the ethernet cable to the back of my ISP modem and became the Primary Google Router while the remaining 5 are wireless points.Can I connect 2 Goog...