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I can't connect a Google Wifi point after factory reset

Using Google Home for setup, I have the router working and one point. When trying to setup the second point, everything stops when trying to connect to the point through wifi. I keep getting the message, "Connection Failed. Couldn't connect to the de...

Mackenzo by Community Member
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Nest WIFI router is limiting download speed

This is a known issue and we have a main thread on this. Please feel free to continue conversation over in the other thread and we'll keep that thread updated as we know more.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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Resolved! Nest and Video-conferencing

I recently installed a three-node Nest pack to replace a wifi extender. I made sure I checked the box to prioritise video-conferencing, but the connection is worse than before Nest.I am repeated getting warnings of unstable internet connection even t...

Google WiFi Points and Huawei B818 4G modem/Router

I live in a rural area in England and will probably never see Fibre put anywhere near me.So I'm currently using a Huawei B818 4G modem/router whilst living in temporary accommodation as we build a new house. It works reasonably well and I anticipate ...

New google nest

I am trying to connect my new google nest to my wifi and have had no luck.I get to the end and it says connecting then connected and then connect with my wifi but nothing happens . And the google says on there was a problem please help

1948 by Community Member
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google home

When WiFI connecting Iphone WR to Google Nest Mini the screen freezes saying connected.

Ginny by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest wifi change signal strength?

Is it possible to lower the signal strength of the Google Nest wifi router? I am in a small flat and want the signal range smaller. Also during night time I don't need full power. It should should be for example on "standby" also I don't want to get ...

WiFi icon is not showing up on Google Home app

I have a Google Nest Wifi mesh and suddenly the Google Home app (android) no longer has a tab for wifi anymore, so I can't administer anything. This problem has been reported by other people, for example:

Morreion by Community Member
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Nest wifi points keep going off line. All of them

Over the last three days the wood keeps disconnecting. The points go offline. The router will also go offline. I have restarted and factory reset and the problem persists. It’s not my att as it remains online.

DustinC by Community Member
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