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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

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Resolved! Nest WiFi config with 4g router (wired)

Hello, Apologies if this has been asked before, but I would like to understand how it might be possible to improve my mesh network. I have recently realised that what I thought were telephone sockets are actually LAN sockets with cabling running to v...

Ddaannbbb by Community Member
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Sony Android TVs Keep Dropping Nest WiFi Ethernet Connections

I just upgraded a 5-point OnHub / Gen 1 Google WiFi system with a 5-router Nest WiFi system. All other system components mentioned in this post remained the same between the two systems.My gigabit fiber connection comes into my home via an ONT. The O...

davinwv by Community Member
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Two Router Setup

Hello - I have two Nest routers and would like to connect them via Ethernet cable. Can I connect directly from the secondary router to the primary? If so, does the Ethernet cable go like this: Primary Router (LAN port) => Secondary Router (LAN port)?...

Resolved! Adding Wifi point leads to black screen

Same problem as in this closed, unresolved thread: I open the Home App on iOS to add my wifi point. When I go to add device...

orgadish by Community Member
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Resolved! Double NAT address

Hello How do I address double NAT addresses. My fiber connection is on a pass through mode so I only use the modem but not the router. This is hard wired to a Googlr Wifi Gen 1 puck which has two other pucks as points. The Google wifi router haa a di...

Ramonea by Community Member
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Need help connecting used mesh point to existing WiFi router & points

I'm not sure if I have Google Wifi gen 1, or if I have Google Nest Wifi. How can I tell?I got a used round mesh point / hub. I can't connect it to my existing router, which has 3 hubs already, but the connectivity in my office is not reliable & that'...

jjt by Community Member
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Chromebook now unable to connect to Nest Wifi

Has anyone experienced new connectivity issues from Chromebooks to Nest Wi-Fi? My Chromebook is no longer able to access internet via Nest Wi-Fi. This is a recent problem and seems like it could potentially be related to a recent update (just specula...

rsknowles by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Google Nest and Air Print

I have connected my nest as per the instructions and when it is connected my air print does not work. When I turn off the nest the air print works. I have other google devices connected such as hubs and mini but they do not affect air print. Can some...