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Nest Wifi Points connected but can't be found

Hello everyone, I have the exact same problem as this thread: This is what OP wrote which is literally the same thing, Setup goes as expe...

DonRL by Community Member
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Stability Issues after running for a few days - Google Nest Wifi Pro

I have a 400 Mbps Down, and 20 Mbps Up connection. After about 2 - 3 days, my connection will drop to about 8Mbps Down and 0.1Mpbs Up. This is plugged directly into a switch that is connected to the router, so no wifi usage. If I unplug the router an...

Google support agents keep breaking their promise

I got problems with Google Nest Wi-Fi. I have been ignored by at least 3 agents after they can't resolve issue, promise to escalate to higher support level and get back to me but nothing happened then. I finally posted a conversation in this communit...

set up a router behind google nest - not working

I am wanting to set up a VPN wifi router behind my google nest. I had this config working but recently it stopped. I could not figure it out so i reverted teh VPN router back to default onfiguration to restart over and troubleshoot. I do not get very...

Tomkinsg by Community Member
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Resolved! NAS not working with Nest Wifi Pro

Been using my QNAP NAS for several years now without trouble - directly connected to the ISP Router.I recently got a Nest Wifi Pro setup, and had to move the NAS. It's now connected with cable to one of the Nest stations (not the primary one). Howeve...

micax by Community Member
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Done with Google Wifi

I have had Nest Wifi for about 6 years. I updated to Pro about two-three years ago and currently have 7 pucks operating in a house of about 5200 square feet. The past few years have been awful. Constant degradation of mesh. I have gone through countl...

Nest WiFi Point Connection issues

  Hey everyone. I recently installed a Nest Router and two points in my house. My house is roughly 2000 sq ft with three floors. I have since put the router in the living room on the main floor, and one point, one wall away, roughly 20 ft away, and t...

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Nest Wifi router, different country

Hi,I just ordered a nest wifi and point from a Danish webstore. Receiving it, I see all info on the box is in German and French. Before opening it, I just want to make sure it can be used in Denmark and there isn't any compatability issues cross Euro...