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Nest wifi point not responding to hotword (Ok Google / Hey Google)

I have been using google nest wifi sincr it has come out. From these 2-3 days I have experience Wifi points don't respond to my word. All my nest mini works except my Points. The wifi function is fine but the assistant function is broken.I have tried...

braskano1 by Community Member
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Changing time for night mode

I just set up a nest wifi network but I cannot change the time for night mode. I click on edit and just get a box showing the current time setting for night mode. It won’t let me change the time.

Cs by Community Member
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Multiple networks on google wifo?

Hi. Is it possible to creater more network on the wifi system? I would like a seperate network for noth of my kids so that they can connect their sonos to it for instance. For example these networksParents netBoys' netGirls netGuest net. An of course...

Mclen by Community Member
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Devices only connecting to router

I have a Nest Wifi mesh set up. My router is connected to my modem and a unmanaged switch. I have three wireless points and one additional router that is functioning as a point but is wired to the switched. I currently have 32 devices on my network m...

Resolved! Google home block site for group or device

I seem to find options online on sites talking about how to block sites from Google home for individual devices but none of them match up to capabilities in the app. Did this feature get taken away? How do I block specific sites for specific devices?

slow , very slow...

Hi, everyone. This speed issue is a problem we're tracking and we have a main thread on the issue. I'm going to roll this thread into the other so we can all build on each other's experience. Please feel free to continue the conversation in that thre...

Jeff by Community Specialist
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Guest open wifi network

How can I setup an open network on my Google mesh routers? I can't find an option to leave the network open

Resolved! Xbox Issues on 13729.57.27

I started having issues playing my Xbox remotely a few days ago. Today I finally sat down to try and troubleshoot. On my Xbox when testing the nat I get an error "Can't find teredo IP address." IPv6 is off. I tried forwarding the port to the Xbox and...

Google Nest Slow speeds

This has been merged into our ongoing discussion on the matter.

Jeff by Community Specialist
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