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Nest wifi router hooked to powerline wifi

Is nest wifi router able to connect to dLink powerline wifi? I have a metal garage 50’ from my house and use a dLink powerline wifi to get wifi inside the garage. There are ports that I could plug a router into and would like to know if it would work...

Fordist by Community Member
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Resolved! How do I delete devices from google wifi

On the google home app, I am wanting to delete a bunch of devices that are called "Unnamed device". There was another thread from over a year ago where other people had this issue as well. Can we get a way to delete devices from the network manually,...

crwilson1 by Community Member
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How to assign ip using DHCP assignment for Wifi Points

When I check in Google Home App settings for my network, I do see wifi points and devices. When I check one of the Wifi Points setting I see ip address assigned to that Wifi point but not the MAC address of that wifi point. If I want to assign a spec...

how to update google wifi point firmware

the current firmware on my google wifi points is I understand there is a new firm ware but it has not updated it. Pls advise as to what to do. I have restarted my fibre network modem but i seem to drop connections quite a bit from some ...

Optimizing Device Response

I recently setup a 3-point network, replacing my existing modem/router combo from Verizon FiOS. It's a relatively small space and all 3 points are pretty close together with 2 on the lower level and 1 on the upper level (think triangle). My Pixel 7 P...

sbeachx75 by Community Member
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Google nest router won’t connect to wifi,

Our google nest won’t connect to the wifi. The normal wifi router works fine with full signal, but the google nest-router won’t connect to the wifi since it is the google nest system that gives us wifi, neither wifi nor tv or anything works

Nora05 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google nest router LAN port not working

Hi, lots of people reporting this, but non seem to have this resolved. I run modem to google router WAN port, then LAN to TP link 8 port unmanaged switch. The internet will not share either through the switch, or when directly connected to the LAN po...

beno by Community Member
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