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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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log websites visited

I have google wifi - I would like to see all websites visited. I have tried OpenDNS. It doesn't show all entries and it is not real time. Are there any local options? I was thinking about getting a low-cost router and having it in between the modem a...

grass by Community Member
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90% Speed drop!

I live in the country and have 50 mbps internet plan. I had an aging wi-fi system and one of the nodes went out creating a dead spot. I did some internet research and the Nest system was in the top 3 of 5 sites I looked at. So I went to Best Buy and ...

Resolved! Wifi interferes with my other devices.

I recently set up two google wifi units, but they are causing terrible interference with my other devices. Of the devices that I am having problems with, a pair of bluetooth headphones is the easiest to troubleshoot with, so I have focused on those. ...

Zorku by Community Member
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Connection Failed in Nest Wifi setup

Hi all, hoping you can help!Trying to complete the setup of my Nest Wifi router but am stuck with a Connection Failed. Here are the steps I have been able to complete:- Nest router plugged into power and Ethernet cable plugged into LAN port in curren...

DaniMc by Community Member
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max distance between nest points to get max signal

Just switched to bell fibre and now i can't get wifi to my garage which is about 120' from my bell router trying to get TV working with a fire stick...I bought the nest with router and one point, hooked up ok .Then i move the point back to my garage ...

beerman by Community Member
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Resolved! Fix Device

Hi guys I hope you can help, okay I am going to to be very blunt and honest, this is my first post lolso bare with me as I try to explain my situation. I have been threw no joke about 26 devices in the past 16 months for reasons that I can not explai...

Hilltopp by Community Member
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Adding older Google wifi point to Nest wifi network

I've been trying to connect an older Google wifi end point/router to my newer Nest wifi mesh network. I've factory reset the Google wifi point, and used Google Home to find it and set it up. I am able to find the device and start the set up, however ...

jwoodlee by Community Member
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Pausing devices not working

Our set up at home is modem connected with ethernet to google router connected to splitter by ethernet cable and then my sons laptop is connected to the splitter by an ethernet cable. The Wi-Fi scheduling pause only works if I turn off his ethernet a...

MaureenE by Community Member
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