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Question - Test Mesh Speeds

I have 2 Google Nest Pro routers with a wired (Ethernet5e cable) backhaul connection. I run a 'Test Mesh' using the Google Home App, and typically it comes back as a 'Great Connection'I then find a device that is Wifi connected to the secondary/remot...

rpguy by Community Member
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Ring Cameras drop off Nest wifi Pro all the time

I upgraded from Nest wifi to the wifi Pro and ever since, my Ring cameras all drop off the network simultaneously multiple times a day. I always regain connectivity with a restart of the network using the google home app or by unplugging and re-plugg...

Wadie by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Points won’t connect

We were cleaning the garage and our primary Nest Wifi Point had disconnected. Later on I had decided to make a new Wifi, and factory reset all of my Wifi points, delete my home, delete the old Wifi I made for these points. We have made multiple attem...

Google Support Recommends iOS vs Android

I purchased Google Nest Wifi routers + APs / smart speakers for my home mesh network. Everything seemed to be going well except that with the final 2 nodes, the Google Home app would not complete the mesh test. All nodes and connected devices show go...

BvR8 by Community Member
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Open firewall google nest wifi router

Hi, I am trying to connect my alarm to nest wifi via ethernet-cabel.I was told that I need to open certen firewalls to do so. Cimular to the following:55**, 55**, 55**, 55**, 55**, 4** and 104**. How do I preceed?

Engh by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest hub and wired network

HiI have a google nest wifi that works and my house is also pre-wired for Cat6 connectivity that I'd like to use.I purchased a simple TP-link TL-SG108 unmanaged switch to connect to the router (hub?) and then patch into the other wall ports.When I co...

Resolved! Google Nest Wifi (H2D) - Slow speeds and wrong speed tests since 7/28

I've been having streaming slowing/buffering and speed tests come out as 0/500 for a 500mbps symmetrical fiber connection. I called the ISP today and they tested everything good and I was able to directly connect to their equipment to run a speed tes...

hmote by Community Member
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Resolved! Old-ish Equipment Questions

Hello,I haven't looked at my google wifi gear in at least 3 years and have some questions due to an upcoming move. In my home my current setup is a Google Wifi Model AC-1304, and a mesh extender to help the wifi reach the back part of the home.- Is t...

CD15 by Community Member
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Tracking illegal downloads

Hi, I have several holiday apartments, with a guest network on my Google Wi-Fi. The guest network has its own password. One of our guests downloaded a film illegally (torrent) and apparently it was traced to our IP address. I have the exact date and ...

KH95 by Community Member
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