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An update for our Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest Users and Developers Read more

Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users Read more

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Never received an email about the ADT promo

When I read about the ending of the nest system I was completely bummed and disappointed. What was more disappointing is that I never received an email regarding the ADT promo offer. I contacted customer service and they tried to help me but alas aft...

wtfasasen by Community Member
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Nest Connect Na009

I'm trying to get my lock setup but the nest connect isn't working. It keeps giving error code Na009 but I can't seem to figure out what that is.

ClintonW by Community Member
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When nest secure sunsets, will the Yale X lock still function?

I presently utilize the Yale X lock as the bridge with the Nest Secure system that I have. If I use Nest Connect as a bridge instead of Nest Secure after Nest Secure is withdrawn, will the Nest Yale X lock continue to function, or is the entire ecosy...

will Yale X lock still work after nest secure sunsets?

I currently have the nest secure system and use the yale x lock with the nest secure as the bridge. will the nest yale x lock still work after Nest Secure is discontinued if i switch to the Nest Connect as a bridge, or is that entire ecosystem going ...

Joz19 by Community Member
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New ADT+ Security System

So I finally called today to order this free ADT system and once I ordered I was able to setup my ADT account. It came to the part where I could link my Google products and the only thing that appeared was my thermostat and the cameras were blank. I ...


Nest Connect Error Code NA004

Recently bought the Nest Yale Lock and Nest Connect combo. I haven't been able to add the nest connect or the nest yale lock to the nest app because the nest connect gives the NA004 can't find wifi networks issue.I've tried factory resetting the nest...

Nest X Yale Lock & The New ADT Security System Concerns

There are four essential features that led to my purchase of two Nest X Yale Locks and Nest Secure.When I unlock the Nest X Yale lock it turns off the the Nest Secure security systemWhen I unlock the Nest X Yale lock is sets Google Home to "home" tur...

sammywise by Community Member
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Nest Connect

We acquired a new property that had both the Yale lock and Nest connect but we wanted to change the entry key code. I was able to reset the Yale lock and am now able to assign a new key code, but the Nest Connect will not connect to the wifi. I've do...

Vanlanfay by Community Member
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Linking and unlinking Weiser Smart Home to Google Home

When I try to link Weiser Smart Home to Google Home is says linked but doesn’t show under linked apps, nor does the lock show up as a tile on the google device page. I can’t unlink the Weiser Smart Home because it doesn’t show up under linked apps. A...

steve438 by Community Member
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