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Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users that use Nest Hub Max as a Ran... Read more

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Nest Secure Monitoring

Brinks Home Security no longer monitors Nest Secure, so where would I go to get services then?

mlekpemu by Community Member
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Nest Guard Failing to Setup

A while back I was having issues with my nest guard going offline consistently (like 10+ times a day). This did not coincide with my internet going offline though. I did a couple of trouble shooting things and nothing seemed to work so I did a factor...

Steve92 by Community Member
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Nest Connect

We have a house with multiple entrance doors - 7 to be exact. Why can’t I install more than 4 Nest Connects? Anyone know a work around? Thanks. Bobby

Nest keyless entry lock

I Recently moved into a new condo. I have a nest keyless entry lock but cannot change the code. The person I bought the condo from has no information on the Yale lock system. Is there anything I can do since I do not have a code or password. Help!

dwb by Community Member
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Nest battery doorbell will not connect to Google Home

HI,We had to get a new router for our home and now our battery Nest door bell will not connect to the Google Home App. I have updated, deleted, reinstalled the Google Home App; removed the device and tried new home addition; restarting the doorbell.....

KJLC by Community Member
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Replacing a Q-See system

I have a Q-See 958 system in my vacation home. Because Q-See went out of business I was wondering if NEST had a hard drive I could use with my existing cameras and I would be able to monitor my cameras remotely?

Nest Guard is continuously going offline

For about the past month I've noticed numerous alerts that our Nest Guard has gone offline. I know for a fact it isn't a problem with our ISP, or my router. For instance, here are snips of the log from this past Thursday when we were out of town, whi...

guard_log01.JPG guard_log02.JPG guard_log03.JPG guard_log04.JPG

Yale lock and connect device

Update finally got everything connected - had to remove thermostat from wifi and app - then reset connect (again), reset lock (again) then setup connect, lock and lastly thermostat in that order otherwise connect got in a loop trying to recognize the...

PSF by Community Member
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Nest aware cellular backup

I got a message from T-Mobile that says on 7/22 The mobile device will no longer be compatible because it's 3G The account is just for cellular backup for when the Wi-Fi network goes down. Is there an upgraded software or do I have to buy some new ha...

JPotz by Community Member
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Resolved! How to limit access to just one Nest x Yale lock

I have an Airbnb on my property and use a Nest x Yale lock for it. I also have 2 of the locks for my house. When I create a passcode for an Airbnb guest, their code also works on my home locks - how can I limit them to just the lock for the Airbnb?