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Assistant on My Hub Max - Dumber by the Update

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It seems to me that with every update that comes my assistant gets dumber and comes more deaf.

I could be standing right in front of my speaker and say the hot word and it does nothing. Sometimes it takes me two or three calls to get it to even light up. And I adjusted the sensitivity in the home app. Devices that I have linked for some odd reason when I ask to display a certain camera, it displays a totally different one. When I ask it to turn on something, it tells me I don't know but here's what I found on the web. Names and phrases that once came easy to the assistant on this device seem to be now connected by synapses made of gossamer. It's very frustrating and embarrassing to ask your sister to do something and her little dots go off in the corner and then she goes back to sleep. Or when I ask it to show me a certain camera that it showed me the day before all of a sudden it's showing me another one. I factory reset this thing three times. And while I'd rather have no device than to have an Alexa, I'm strongly leaning towards giving up on these things because the more I talk to her the more she's updated it seems the dumber she gets. Again sounds and phrases that once came easy to her or that were easily understood or like gurgling water to her now because she doesn't seem to understand them. I don't know, something went wrong, I can't help with that, silence. Those are more common responses then the answers to my questions. Can someone please help me figure this out. I know it is not the way I speak, because I've managed to dictate this entire message.


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Omg ive had literally the same issue going one with mine.  About the not answering sometimes i have to say hey google 4 or 5 times almost always at least twice and she def knows less than she use to. Her favorite phrase now is i dont know. She use to be way better. It sucks. 

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