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Can't calculate file transfer remaining time

Community Member

The basic calculator works fine.

"Hey, Google. What's 2 + 2?"

"2 + 2 is four."


"Hey, Google. 10 gigabytes at 3 megabits per second."

"Sorry, I don't have any information about that."

Sometimes it will tell you a search about one OR the other, but never the answer.

Reframing the question with "how long does" etc, doesn't work either.

I was expecting an answer of time left.

"W gigabytes at X Ybits per second will takes Z hours/minutes/sec (relevant time)."





Siri, Google Search, Bing Search, and Yahoo Search all yield the same result.

Bing used to tell you, and had an online translate-style widget that let you pick units.

I noticed now it tells you to use the Bing app. I just tested it in there, and you have to click the speech bubble with the "b" in it. Just typing it in the search box will give no answer like Google search.

But Bing chatgpt does answer it... like it used to.

This is just a math problem that doesn't need an AI and WAS solved, they just added more steps and AI.

Is there a way to add skills to assistant if Google won't?

Hello everyone, 

I appreciate your assistance, @MplsCustomer.

@thisisausername, your question should have a direct answer in Google Search for the Google Assistant to answer it. If there is none, then the assistant will say that it doesn't have that information. Please send us feedback using the Google Home app about this. If you have other questions in mind, let me know; otherwise, I'll be locking this thread in the next 24 hours.