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Can't pair Bose TV Speaker as BT Speaker for my Google Home.

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-Google Home firmware ver: 282045 

-Firmware Cast: 1.56.282045

-for the Bose TV Speaker I already updated its firmware so I suppose to have the 2.0.8 version. 

I have only one home\room with only the Google Home added. 

repeated more than once the step 1 described on the following link but it wasn't successful 

Steps to Pair BT Speaker 


Community Member

Go to your Google mini in the Home app.

Go to settings-audio-default music speaker-pair Bluetooth speaker-find your Bose speaker(put it in pairing). 

That should be it. The steps to pair that you shared didn't help me either.

Hope you found this to be useful.

Have fun!



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Community Specialist

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