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Google Home Max Improvement suggestions. Please!!

Community Member

1) If user has asked Google Home Max to stream a camera at home, DO NOT MOVE OFF that screen if google needs to make an announcement or respond to a command.

For example, while checking the Nest doorbell cam you tell google to turn off the porch lights, to better see what's happening on the street.  Google does so, but then kills the feed and shows the change lighting intensity page. 

Or you're monitoring a senior with health issues and tell google to turn all the lights off. That kills the feed, while it blathers "OK turning off 24 lamps. Sorry 2 lamps are unavailable".

Something that could / should be a slide-in overlay taking no more than 2" of the screen is instead a full screen event killer. So make it a transparent overlay, and have it appear without crushing or cropping the existing camera view. Heck, the fact this thing can't multitask is nuts.

2) Provide an option to turn off the "OK... blah blah blah" affirmations.  Even if the command is for another room.  Let us set a one note chime to indicated success that Google understood and executed the command.

It is cute Day 1 to hear "OK, I turned off two lights in the Den".  Day 200, it's annoying.  Just do it, ding if successful and ding twice if not. Oration unneeded, or at least should be an option.

3) Provide direct access to Microsoft calendar via Activesync. For business people who cannot for privacy and corporate policy reasons use google mail or google calendar (or simply don't want to!), Google Home Max needs to be able to connect to, read and write appointments directly into's calendar. If that means going to ONCE and adding a link to Activesync for this to occur, great. Users should not have to be forced to use only google calendar on GHMax.

4) Why does the switch on the back turn off both the camera and mic?  Can there not be independent switches, if mechanical switches are to be provided.  Many times I want to turn off the camera but leave the mic on for commands.  This means navigating the screen instead of simply flipping the appropriate switch.

5)  Surely Google Home Max by way of the Google Home app should automatically know about other Home Max's and Home devices around the house, so if you say "Play xxx radio on all google devices" it will (silently) do so, rather than saying no speakers are set up in the Home app?  Or if you want to turn off something playing on another Home devices.  

These are just a few of the things I really need to see installed via an upgrade to GHMax.  Before I would consider any further investment in Google products.