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Google Home stopped turning on TV PLUS opening app simultaneously

Community Member

I have a Samsung Google TV. It worked with Google Home perfectly


Some time in the past 6 months, I used to be able to say: "Hey google, launch Paramount Plus on living room TV." This would turn on my TV AND launch Paramount Plus simultaneously.


Now, when I say the same thing, "nothing" happens. (Really, though, it seems the TV is launching Paramount Plus, but the TV doesn't turn on, so I don't know.)


The workaround? I say "Hey Google, turn on the living room TV." followed by " Hey Google, launch Paramount Plus on the living room TV". This does what I used to do in one command.


How can I get it back to one command?


Community Member

Same problem for me...only it's inconsistent.  I use CC for Google TV on an older Samsung.  Sometimes one command works, and sometimes, I have to do it in steps.  I can always turn it off in one command, however.

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Community Specialist

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