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Nest Mini audio time out to soundbar

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I have set my default music speaker for my nest mini to be my Vizio Soundbar

I tell the nest mini to play music, it correctly plays music through the Soundbar. It will continue to function correctly if I stop the music and ask it to play again in a few hours or less.

The problem occurs when I have not asked the nest mini to play music for 8 hours or so (overnight for example).

At this point, if I ask the nest mini to play music, it will correctly respond through the mini speaker that it is going to play music, but then no music comes out of the Soundbar. I can see from my iPhone that the nest mini is streaming music, but there is no audio being played.

To fix the issue, I have to set default speaker back to the nest mini, then set it back to the Soundbar. At which point, it begins functioning properly.

I have spoken with Vizio support. They believe it is a problem with the nest mini’s audio out timing out.  How do I prevent this?


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Community Specialist

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We hope you were able to get the help you need but if you're still having trouble, you might want to check out this link. If the issue persists, feel free to submit another post and provide as many details as possible so that others can lend a hand. 


Hope this helps!