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Request for inactivity timeout to be reverted back to 10 minutes on Fuchsia firmware

Community Member

Since the new Fuchsia OS firmware update on nest hub (1st Gen) the default timeout for casted webpages before going into "ambient" mode has been reduced to 30s. It used to be 10 minutes before timing out.


This causes issues using the Nest Hub as a dashboard for home automation (Home assistant) through chromecast, but also is an issue if you want to show something like a recipe website for longer than 30s.

It takes longer than 30s to cook things, and I can't keep touching the screen while cooking.


Can the inactivity timeout default be increased to 10 minutes again? 


Community Member

Yes please or better make it a setting with options

Community Member

No time out would be better but please give us, at least, our 10 min back.

Community Member

When I use the chrome browser on a PC to cast a website to a chromecast/nest hub, there is no 30 sec timeout! It is only there when using CATT to cast a website.

Yes, what's also odd is that even when I ask google to open a webpage directly "Hey google, open" it doesn't timeout with inactivity...
If only I could ask google to open a local IP webpage...
Devs have confirmed that it is not an issue with CATT or pychromecast. So either Fuchsia or home assistant app.

Well, I use CATT from a rpi to cast a live view "page" from a Bosch security camera to a Nest Nub and that is now also stopped after 30s. Some time ago it played until I stopped it with CATT. So I do think the "fix" needs to be implemented in CATT .....

That's useful information. That likely means it's not a purely Home Assistant issue, and is likely google firmware no longer recognising some calls to ignore the timeout (or an issue in CATT that has been missed).

Community Member

+1 Also really want the time-out to go away (or back to 10 minutes) please.

Community Member

Ive just bought a Nest Hub today and stumbled across this issue as well. 
The timeout does not occur if you cast aa web page from a Chrome browser or from an Android phone BUT it does happen with both CATT and Home Assistant Cast. 

Community Member

Please fix this