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Voice Commands to change mix of music on Spotify

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We just switched over to Spotify from YouTube music to save some money on the family plan. We primarily listen to music on our Google Home speakers throughout the house. When we had YouTube Music, I could just say "Hey Google, play music," and it would start playing a mix of songs from different genera that I liked. If I was not in the mood for what it was playing, I could again just say "Hey google, play music" and it would switch it up and play a different mix.

Since I switched to Spotify, if I say "Hey Google, play music," it will start to play either one of my playlists or a mix of music from one specific genera and I don't get a good mix. If I tell it to stop playing music and then tell it again to play music to try and change it, all it does is resume what it was playing rather than playing something different. If I want to actually change what is playing, I have to go into the app on my phone and make the change or tell it to play a specific artist, or song, or playlist. I can't seem to get it to change up the mix it is playing.

Is there a voice command I can use to get Spotify to change the mix of music it is playing without having to ask it to play something specific? I liked how YTM would play mixes of generas that I liked and that I could change the mix just by asking it to play music again. 


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Silver Product Expert

Hi @winterwolfes 

Been using Spotify though my google nest speakers for some time now and from what I I have found Spotify very much likes using playlists. There are many, many different playlists available based on varied genres so would suggest it would be a good idea to have a browse at the myriad of genres available on Spotify through your phone/laptop/computer to find the type of things you like and try those. Each playlist will have it's own name of course that you can verbally ask for. Additionally when it starts to adapt to your particular likes, you can always ask it to play 'Daily mix one/two/three etc. etc.' which are playlists of varied music based on what you have been listening to in the past.

All a matter of having to adapt to a different music provider I'm afraid.