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Why wont it set a sleep timer

Community Member

When I ask Google to turn off after 1hour it doesn't.

I have tried saying a time eg:9pm and still doesnt


Community Member

Same with me. Does not shut the music off no matter what I tried. They need to fix this!

Community Member

Same here. Just started recently. Come on Google!

Community Member

And me it started about a month ago. was there an upgrade?

Community Member

why are we not getting any response from google

Community Member

Same thing with me. Just did a factory reset and still won't stop playing after instructed time.

Started doing this beginning of December.

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Unfortunately timer delays such as this stopped working on all google nest devices weeks ago, possibly after the recent firmware update. It has been reported hundreds of times, many threads about it, and google say they are aware and a fix is awaited in the future at some date.

The nearest thing that can be done is not a solution so not perfect but a kind of temporary workaround as follows.

Create a Routine on the Google Home app with a single action command of 'Stop Playing'. Additionally create a starter on the routine for when you want the routine to action of a set time of day, e.g. for instance at 23:00 or of course whatever time would be more suitable. Then the music or sleep sounds will stop when the routine activates at that set time every day or night. Certainly not perfect but the best you can do until this very annoying bug is fixed.