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Resolved! My nest keeps playing sleep sound all night

Hi, My google nest mini keeps playing sleep sound all night when I use the bedtime-routine. Earlier it stopped after about 1 hour, but now it keeps playing all night. I have activated the sleep sound country night.What can I do to make it play for 1 ...

ponkan75 by Community Member
  • 237 replies
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nest mini

goes through setup bet displays a cant communicate with speaker and ive tried resetting modem,router , unplug mini ,deleted entire home and uninstalled home app any solutions

shutedoug by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Reset Locked Thermostat

Just changed internet providers & Nest forces you to annoyingly refresh the wifi for each individual device. My thermostat is locked, and I don’t remember the code to view the pin necessary to add it back to my Nest account.So I can’t get into the un...

Achris by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Home Mini

When I try to setup my Mini, the Google Home app lets me get all the way to connecting the device to my home wifi and says that the device is not detected and could not communicate with it.What do I do?

bronsoc by Community Member
  • 23 replies
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Google home max stereo

When I connect my two Google home max's as a stereo pair, it's always 5he left one that responds to my voice, not the right, and I can't figure out how to change that

Speakers groups intermittent

Hi,Individually my speakers all work fine, but very few of my groups work well. I've just created a new one as an experiment, including only 3 speakers, and playing from desktop spotify the music is cutting in and out for seconds at a time.I thought ...

Cyclone by Community Member
  • 18 replies
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Resolved! Google Nest Hub MAX

Hello, My Nest Hub MAX doesn't work at all. Just turned off, and there is no possibility to turn it on. I am not sure, if this problem is connected to faulty update, or so.No physical damages. Never hit the floor, etc. All kinds of reboot/ restart pr...

trifazz by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Philips smart tv won't let me cast from my android

We recently bought a Philips smart tv with Chromecast built in and it won't let me cast from my phone. I'm sure both my phone and the tv are connected to the same wifi. I tried to set it up with Google home and the tv isn't detected by the app. Does ...

tomukio by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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