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Nest Mini not pairing with speaker

Hi all,I saw a similar thread to this from last month but it was locked so I couldn’t ask my unique situation. The last guy said his Nest Mini wouldn’t pair because his speaker required a passkey. Mine, however, does not and it still won’t pair. Nest...

ZacR54 by Community Member
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Googe Hub Announce Gmail Calendar Events

Is there a way to have nest hub announce events that are on a linked gmail calendar? Understand how to ask hub to show me my calendar, etc which works. But I want it to announce events. I have this set up with my Alexa devices that announce gmail cal...

MM3 by Community Member
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Google mini connectivity

Hi my google mini doesn’t stay logged in, every day I have to log in through the google home app (it’s been like this for a long time), and now it won’t even play music when asked or it won’t listen to commands! Is this a normal thing with mini? It’s...

Tink13 by Community Member
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Nest mini: "Next Command" for Music doesnt work

When playing music on Spotify, none of the variations of next work. "Play next", "skip", or "next song" do not work in triggering the following song. The device is shown as buffering/loading and continues to play the current song. This is happening a...

mgm2699 by Community Member
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Nest Hub 2 Constantly Crashing

I just received my new nest hub 2nd gen and it is unusable. It constantly crashes and restarts. It crashes about every 5 minutes or less (not exaggerating). It took a while to set up since it kept restarting during setup. I was hopeful for an update ...

TexasPete by Community Member
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Fuchsia killed casting

And there we go again.Since Fuchsia casting is disrupted.These topics keep being locked because nothing changes.Again topic locked 郎I got 4 hubs rendered useless since the update.Give money back, fix it, let me be able to flash my devices in previous...

Cant turn screen off while playing music/podcasts

I just upgraded my nest mini to the hub v2. I like to listen to podcasts while I go to sleep but the display screen stays on the Spotify display. If I try and swipe back to the clock etc, the music stops playing. How is having a glowing screen in you...

Velvetrush by Community Member
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