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Nest Mini Stopping Activity Other Nest Speakers

I have a Nest Mini that recently when being issued the command to "Stop", instead of stopping the podcast or music on itself, it will stop the timer or music on another device in a completely different part of the house.For example, I could be playin...

Routines don’t run anymore from Nest Hub

A few days ago my Nest Hub began to have a very curious and annoying issues. It simply refuses to start any routine, nevertheless I still can if I trigger them from any other google nest in my house or through the app.The reason is that “language is ...

Google home won't let me play SiriusXM directly.

I've had both google home and siriusxm for a few years. I never really tried to play a sirius channel directly from the speaker. I can pick my speaker directly from the sirius app and play a station, but I cannot say "Hey Google, play The Bridge on s...

bobyera1 by Community Member
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Not able to pair airpod to nest hub.

Hello team, Ran into issue. Steps:Plan to use airpod/airpodPro with nest hubOpen google home on iphoneClick on "Devices"Select "hub" Click on settingsClick on "Audio"Click on "Paired Bluetooth Devices" Click on "Enable Pairing Mode". **Push button on...

khalidmsf by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest mini keeps resetting

Hi,my Nest mini keeps resetting itself and after doing so, only replies in French. The only languages I use normally are Dutch and English. D

DKRD by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Apps doesn't show on my Nest Hub 2

Hello, my google nest hub 2 does not show apps, all I can see is: assistant, games, search, sling TV, stories and YT TV. I cannot see anything else. I can open for example youtube or spotify using my voice but I would like to see all the apps in the ...

Kasia17 by Community Member
  • 19 replies
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Nest hub recipes

It wont longer give me any recipes or show me my cookbook Anyone else? Tried both my native Language and English. "Show me recipes of chocolate balls" "Even if I am an assistant i have feelings too" might be cuz some people call chocolate balls for s...

Tomhub by Community Member
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