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Quick question about google home and youtube music

Hey folks, just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible. What I want to do is have my google home device announce what song is currently playing when its playing songs from youtube music. I know this isn’t probably a built in feature, but does ...

Can’t make a speaker group

I tried connecting my 2 google nests minis to make a speaker group and the only thing that comes up is no devices found on this network. Internet has been reset, devices have been reset. Everything is on the same network. Help!

Dinosaurs by Community Member
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Home Mini not connecting to Wifi after Mesh network setup

The one and only Google Home Mini has been working successfully and connecting to the WIFI for the past year without issues. Yesterday, we setup a new Mesh Network and now the only device not connecting is the Mini. We have both Android and iPhone an...

ابتكار والجمال في التصنيع

شيء رائع ومنظره راقنً والصوت موازع على النحاء المكان ولا تفكر ان تجمع مكبرات الصوت مدام شركة قوقل تبدع في كثير من الادوات الكهربائيه وادوات المنزل وبكم حرية الاختيار والطلب .

MSK by Community Member
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Google Nest plays music after I have asked it to stop

I'm using the Google Nest Wifi Home Mesh (Base Router + 2 wifi points). I am using Apple Music to play songs. I can get the music to stop by saying, "Hey Google, stop music." After a few minutes, the music resumes. I have resorted to switching off th...

rkhle by Community Member
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Resolved! Problem with calendars on Nest Hub Max

Hi, I have 2 gmail addresses, A (the Google default) and B (a personal one to which the hub is registered). Suddenly, when I ask to view my calendar, it says it doesn't have access to all my calendars, although I'm sure it used to. It seems that I ca...

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