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Disable Google Assistant on a Google Hub

I know it's a silly question... But I bought a bunch of google assistants. I like the photo frame and being able to see our photos all over the house and they're always changing. Also, I like that I can broadcast to all the displays a message. But, t...

dmorlow by Community Member
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Google nest Mini 2nd generation cannot connection to both personal hotspot via WiFi or even via blue

Here's my issues,My friend purchased a Google next mini I believe it's second generationHe has no fixed internet at his place So I decided to set up his Google nest Mini .. the only way I could with the absence of internet buy personal hotspot ng my ...

Sensitivity Setting

I have a Google Mini about 12" from my head. The sensitivity is set to +2. In the next room with an open door, I have a Google 10" display. The sensitivity is set to -2. When I speak to Google, the display in the other room usually responds. I can ha...

Mary by Community Member
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Access Nest cameras from different Home on my Nest Hub?

Good day! I recently set up Nest cameras (battery) in my mom's home. I am able to view the feeds easily through the Google Home app via a second Home location. Is it possible for me to view the camera feeds on the Nest Hub that I have in *my* house? ...

DATE, time, weather

I've been using Chromecast for a little over three years now and love it's graceful relationship with my Android devices. I really haven't fully utilized NEST as my Hub accessing my streaming content, but I've used it more of a Master Controller hand...

Frequent disconnection of Nest home mini

I have bought Nest Home Mini and it keeps on disconnecting very frequently, I have tried plugging out and plugging in, reseted it as well. But still the issue persists. Some help would be appriciated.Thanks in advance.

yashwanth by Community Member
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