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Connecting Mac Audio to Nest Audio Speaker

Hi Everyone - I am having trouble connecting my Mac audio output to the google nest audio speaker.The nest help site says the following, hut the speaker doesn't appear in my Mac's list of available targets;Mac OSClick the Apple menu System Preference...


Hi,I live in the border of 2 timezones due to daylight saving in one state.My address is in one time zone but my work is in the other so I want to set the clock on google home device nest hub 2nd gen to the work time zone. I looked online but all the...

Andyk2121 by Community Member
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Google Nest Audio

Thanks for your responseGoogle Nest Audio

ColinT by Community Member
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Nest Audio Speaker

I want to buy a spare power cable. Google's home site is a mess and no help at all.Any suggestions please?

ColinT by Community Member
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Total mayhem

Hey folks, I'm a total believer in tech like this and i had a good setup untill now.Just ordered new speakers and screen to add to an already cool setup but i'm ready to burn the lot...Can't add any new speakers to my wifi speaker setup, getting erro...

fos4kurt by Community Member
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Voice Match

I have turned on voice match in my Google Home app. I have told it to allow voice recognition on all devices in my home, and each device shows a check to note that voice recognition is authorized on that device. But when I ask “Who am I” on each of m...


How to put to voices on best mini

Jay1 by Community Member
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Turn off repeating notification

Hi, I have a Google nest mini (gen 2) speaker. When I got it I set something up to remind me to set off for rugby every Saturday at 9 am. The problem is that I can't turn it off. I don't have any alarms set up or reminders so I don't know what to say...


I have the google speaker and also the mini speakers. A few days ago they started to say there is a glitch and to try again later. I have strong WiFi though out the house and I am not having any issues with the internet. I tried restarting my google ...

Razor by Community Member
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