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Google Nest Hub not recognizing Sleep Sensing

Hello,I have a Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen and cannot activate the Sleep Sensing option. I have motion sense turned on, when I go to Sleep Sensing, it says I need to set it up.On my phone (Android), I open the Home app and have turned sleep sensing on bu...

hulu is gone

The nest hub max can no longer play hulu shows. When i ask it to play a show, it does a web search. If i ask it to just open hulu, it also does a web search. I can open netflix, and music plays just fine. When i scroll up and see the apps on the devi...

klicker by Community Member
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Resolved! Switching between youtube channels

I have a google nest mini, and I logged in to the google home app with my google account. In my google account, I have two YouTube accounts (channels): the default one and the one I had before YouTube merged with the google account. When I open YouTu...

ABaykalov by Community Member
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google hub max

Our Hub max tries to reconnect with our bose speaker at 3 am. How can i stop this or change it to 3pm? It is really obnoxious and all we can think of is to turn off the bose speaker, but that sorta contradicts the whole reason we have this system- si...

irbandnob by Community Member
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Devices show up as wifi connections

Every device I have in my house appears to be an UNSECURED WiFi access point when I look at WiFi settings on my iPhone. How do I hide them so that passers by can’t use my internet? Better yet, how do I turn this feature off?

D_D by Community Member
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