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A way to set default devices for commands?

So I have a Nest Hub in my room, and of course I have a Google phone (Pixel 6 Pro)Whenever I do the command "Hey Google, set an alarm for 8:30" for example, both devices light up, but it always sets the alarm on my nest hub (Which then makes it more ...

Home mini not available in Home App on New wifi

So I recently changed my internet provider and updated my speakers by factory resets to set them to the new SSID. Upon setting them up, my Google Home app on my phone says they are not available. However, the Google Home app on my Android tablet says...

Chanrocks by Community Member
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Google nest hub stuck at gray G screen

My Google nest hub restarted 3 days ago by itself, and have been stuck at a grey G startup screen ever since. I tried a factory reset, I tried unplugging it for an hour before plugging it in again, but still no luck getting it to work. I can't seem t...

Byrdal by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Google Nest mini - Send SMS

Can Google nest mini voice command "OK Google, send SMS" send SMS via IFTTT? If yes, how. It still answers me: Sorry, I can't send text yet.

quad8 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Gently waking my smart lights

I've tried activating the wake my lights function having followed the instructions here, but it never works. Is there something I'm missing, or does this only really work with a particular brand of lights?I use the Hey! Smart Home LED strips and bulb...

Nest Audio can't play news or radio channels

My Nest Audio devices can't play news feed or radio channels.When I ask assistant to play news, she says "Playing the news" - a little pause "Something went wrong, tay again later"I have tried turning Nest Audio of and on, tried rebooing my network.A...

Bording by Community Member
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Google Home

Tried connecting Google Home, plugged in, downloaded app. Says cannot locate to download Utilities app, I completed that process. Utilities app reads Google Home device found. Reads not activated, instructs me to be near Google Home device. Devise is...

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