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Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

Sleep Sensing design update coming to Nest Hub Read more

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Connecting Nest mini to a Bluetooth soundbar

Is this possible to connect Google Nest Mini to a Bluetooth Soundbar ( I've boAt Aavante Bar 2000). So, my soundbar can be used as Google Assistant enabled device☺️. I've seen this feature in Amazon Alexa devices through AUX cable. This nest mini doe...

Resolved! Google home broadcast issue

I can broadcast to every individual nest mini in my house. Except one room. When ever I try to broadcast to this one room it broadcasts to the whole house instead of the individual device.

Time Zone

Technically i live in the central standard time zone however im right on the edge of eastern time zone. My entire town goes off of eastern time due to the large military presence and the base being in eastern time. When i have my correct address in m...

Jderosha by Community Member
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I'm hoping I get the hang of all this I'm a very slow leaner too much for me I think me..

Add existing event to family calendar

I am trying to determine if I can have google assistant add an existing event on my main calendar, to my family calendar. All the voice attempts I have made, have essentially gotten me to it thinking I want to create a new event. Does anyone know how...

Resolved! Google home does not play entire apple playlist on shuffle

I am playing my Apple Music playlist on my good home speakers. When I play the list as shuffled, it only selects songs that are in the beginning of the playlist. Anyone have any ideas why and how to fix? I have seen similar question posted here but c...

JRL2302 by Community Member
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