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Lenovo Smart Clock displays wrong time

I have a Lenovo Smart Clock that works fine for half the year and when my neighbouring state of NSW has daylight savings it changes to 1 hour ahead. I live in QLD that does not have daylight saving so my time is incorrect. I have spent countless hour...

BecMurray by Community Member
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Display change at night

During the night the clock display changes to a 'G' in the centre of the black screen and no time is displayed. You have to tap the screen a couple of times to get the time back, frustrating when just wanting to check the time.

83902 KGSK Error Domain

Was running into issues with Google Assistant being able to be established or turned off for this room. The issue at hand is I’m creating a child account where this limits access to the room.   Unable to chat or text for Google One support. Was redir...

IMG_1192.png IMG_1193.png
seamibro by Community Member
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your device requires a thread border router

I can see _meshcop._udp. from Nest hub max with thread version 1.2.0 but when trying to connect a matter supported device it shows "your device requires a thread border router"  

1000028342.jpg 1000028343.png
Mnahome by Community Member
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Google Nest Home - registers hotword but nothing else?

Hi all, Hopefully some if you can help me cause I am desperate. We had a power outage last week, obviously this rebooted everything when the power went out. The hub needed to be reset, which was seamless. However, unfortunately it had broken and I am...

PhilJMH by Community Member
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YouTube Music Albums not playing in order

Whenever I ask my Nest Mini, connected to my YouTube Music account, to play an Album it doesn't play the album in order.For example if I say:Hey Google, play the Hamilton soundtrack. It finds the correct album, plays track 1, but then goes to track 5...

Harpin by Community Member
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