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Google nest hub's screen blank

Google display screen goes blank and is unresponsive. Only way to short term resolve is to unplug and plug back in. It works for a while, but later goes back to being unresponsive and a black screen. I have Factory Reset it numerous times, unplugged ...

Shuffle not working.

Shuffle doesn't fully work. Find that on a good day 50 - 70 songs at the most will shuffle then after that the playlist will continue in mostly original order. When I try to shuffle again, it begins the playlist with the songs that already played in ...

scarret01 by Community Member
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Nest connection problem

Hi, my Nest speaker has been saying “there’s a glitch, try again in a few seconds” for two weeks now. No changes to position or router. The only thing I did was unplug to clean surface & replugged that evening. Any help would be appreciated. Ps, when...

SteveL by Community Member
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My alarm is set and asks if I want to mute, but my alarm is silent. How do I unmute

Streaming issue google hub

When streaming our kasa camera (cctv/baby camera) on our Google hub, it just streams for less than a minute then video went off and photoframe will start showing up again, the audio will still be on though. How can I stop photoframe from covering/dis...

Bella by Community Member
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Huawei P30 Pro Google HOME mini issue

My P30 worked perfectly with our 3 Google Home Mini's. About 2 months ago I lost the capability to cast any Google-owned apps to my speaker. I can't find any info or answers online. I'm quite tech savvy and tried every single thing - no luck. Only VL...

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