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Photo Gallery not playing

Hi, I have a google nest hub and every time I try to select a gallery in my photos to showcase it keeps diverting back to curated art even though it still shows gallery pics selected in the settings. I have rebooted and reset it and tried various alb...

Resolved! Display issue with screen

After 25 months, my Nest Hub 1st gen. has an hardware problem with the screen, that as far as see, a lot of users has. Now the support just says they can't do nothing, and my Nest is just useless. They just refused to change a $100 product because it...

mini nest

keeps saying " sign in on the google home app" I am signed in already. not sure what is going on with it . It keeps searching for devices on the setup.

Music group and moving music from room to room stopped working

After switching from DSL router to T-Mobile's new Home Internet playing music on home group, or just moving music from room to room stopped working. Did factory reset on all home speakers, deleted and recreated home group, even cleared all data from ...

Romax1 by Community Member
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How do I link Spotify on my Google home mini and Google home nest

Sstander by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest mini presence detection

Hello, I bought a Google nest mini, and was reading about presence detection (I only have the nest mini, nothing else) but the results I found searching aren't very specific, does nest mini support presence detection by itself? I don't have any optio...

Mumbles by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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Mini not Connecting to Speaker Group

I have two Google nest minis included in different speaker groups. Neither will connect to any speaker group while playing music. Other Google devices will play from the speaker group without error, Chromecast and home hub. I can play music directly ...