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google will not autoplay tubitv

Google assistant will not play autoplay with tubi tv and always repeats the same first episode when told to play (and I have run through days of troubleshooting with tubi tv and all have agreed it has to be on google's end as it works when started on...

tga by Community Member
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Resolved! Set max volume allowed by speech command

Hello. I have several Google Assistant compatible speakers that I control by voice. Mostly this works fine, but 1/100 times the assistant will interpret me saying "Volume 20 percent" as "Max volume" or something similar. I have large speakers so this...

Eriksen by Community Member
  • 19 replies
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Google shopping list not working properly

The last few weeks when trying to add items to my shopping list, my Google hub 2 shows me recipes. When ik look at the screen i see in the top bar That Google registers what I am saying properly, it just doesn't add it to my list but opens random rec...

Jeffrey980 by Community Member
  • 22 replies
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Screen burn on display

Hi, my first gen google display suddenly develop a hazy dotted filter over the display resulting in the display being darker and Hazier due to the “screen burn” I have filled up the google help form. Plz assist thanks!!

ZzmadzZ by Community Member
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Google home hub cooking

hello, I have a question I have unable to find an answer for! I was wanting to be able to cook using the nest home hub with display specifically for hellofresh recipes. They are already in a step by step format on my phone/tablet and wondered if ther...

my nest hub display 2nd gen cannot connect to 5G network

I had bad experience with this google nest hub display setting, I tried to connect to 5G but my google nest hub display not seeing any 5G ssid, after I reset the nest hub display I can see the 5G ssid but cannot connect.It only can connect to 2.4G wi...

afen888 by Community Member
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