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Resolved! Making my cell number show when making calls using google home

I am trying to made my cell number show on people's phones that I call using my google home speaker. I have tried following instruction found on google website using the Home app telling me to go to Services/Communication/Call Providers to edit or ad...

Don by Community Member
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Music controls

I use several speakers to play music in my apartment. When I leave I ask Google to STOP playing music. On many occasions I return and the music is playing again. It seems like it starts playing again after around 15 minutes. Any idea why?

MikeD0411 by Community Member
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Nest Home Gen1 keeps crashing almost daily

Since Fuchsia update my Google Home Gen1 display became slow\sluggish and keeps crashing when I play Spotify. It was working fine for few years until recently. I am not seeing any responses from Google on the solution and there are multiple threads f...

tomkiv897 by Community Member
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Google mini v1 no se restablece de fábrica

Mi Google home mini no respondía a mis solicitudes así que lo intente reiniciar de fábrica al principio todo parecía bien pero después no encendían las luces más que la luz verde de reinicio y si suelto el botón se apaga ya lo desconecte y lo volví a...

Herikc by Community Member
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Nest Mini unable to connect to cloud

Hi there,I have a very annoying issue with a Google Nest mini I just bought: I cannot change its name nor go into the accessibility settings, the Google Home app keeps saying « unable to connect to Cloud please try again later »Therefore I cannot pai...

Koray by Community Member
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Nest hub max always stuck on loading screen

I recently returned my Nest Hub max, because it always gets stuck in a loading screen. (rotating 4 dots)This also happens randomly. When I hard reset the device, it sometimes works for a day. Sometimes it boots up directly stuck.I got a new Nest Hub ...

Nest Mini won't play correct radio station

When I say, "Hey Google, play KTIS FM," it instead plays the AM station. If I say, "... KTIS HD1," it responds "it isn't available or can't be played now." When I say "... play 98.5" or "... play 98.5 FM," it still plays the AM frequency (900) instea...

DrCoffee by Community Member
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Resolved! Possible to block a certain commend?

I will regularly just say "Hey Google, Play Music" Usually this just picks up where i left off, which is perfect.However quite often recently on a Google Home mini in my office it seems to ignore the end of my command and starts playing music by the ...

Martynt74 by Community Member
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There was a glitch

Around the start of the month all speakers began to act up. You ask a request or question or anything and the first time the speaker will respond "Hmmm there was a glitch, try again in a few seconds" then you try after it stops talking and works perf...