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Google Home responds in french

Hi, my google home when asked to play a song responds in french (even though it is set to English). My son has discovered that if you then ask it to play 'yellow submarine' it then reverts to english.....any clue what is going on here?!

Google mini nest cant be added to existing home group

This seems to be a common problem to what others are experiencing....I have an existing Google Home setup with pre-nest devices. (Mixture of home, mini, and cast devices.) All this was working perfectly.Ive just bought 3 new mini (nest) devices. They...

elkiem by Community Member
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Nest hub display

HiMy daughter likes to play some relaxing music when going to bed.A few days ago when playing music the images on the display stop after 20 seconds on so and go to the clock screen.How do we keep the display on showing the video with the music?

MAW by Community Member
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Custom routine not activating by voice command.

I've created a couple of custom routines to be activated by voice command. However, when I say "Ok google, " my smart display replies with either "I don't understand" or with search results. I initially thought that my voice command was somehow reser...

Support not resolving the issue

Contacted google support on 29.12.2021 as nest hub max won't connect to Google wifi, after spending and hour troubleshooting got told that higher level support will contact back in 48 hours, which they didn't. So i contacted again on 31.12.21 and got...

FJ by Community Member
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Google nest hub no funciona

Hace unos dias compre un google nest hub, lo configure y funcionaba correctamente lo desconecte y al dia siguiente cuando lo conecte la pantalla solo me mostraba una letra G con un fondo gris no responde los comandos de voz

Rubenfilo by Community Member
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Google Home issue

I am setting up Mi Smart Speaker but the Command keeps promptly up the message ‘ please log in to Google Home Map’ , appreciate your advice how to go about to set up it works . Thank you

Jasonlim by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub max sales?

Hello. I have been doing a lot of research and I am thinking about the Hub Max. And because I never really thought about this working for me I don't know whether they go on sale and how often if so? Thanks

Leafs by Community Member
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