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Resolved! How to connect Grocery list to Google keep?

How do you allow Google assistant to save Grocery lists to Google Keep?I want all family users to see the list, and the best way I know of is via a Google Keep grocery list share.. Thx

pjamies by Community Member
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payment by Nest and by Google

Hello,I discovered that I have been getting double charged for my Nest subscription since November of 2021 when Google took over Nest and changed plans (being charged for my old plan that does not exist anymore and the new one). I've contacted Google...

Home app TV controller

I have been using my phone though the home app as a controller for my linked TV. Just today, as I was watching tv it crabbed out and asked me to enter in the code displayed on my TV to link my device. I accidentally entered it in wrong! Whoops. Now I...

How to delete Homes when no longer on same network?

I have moved a few times and now have a number of “Homes” on my Google Home app. One would normally open the Home in question, go to Settings and delete it, but I can’t delete the old ones because they cannot be opened when not on their original netw...

BAMBK by Community Member
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Recording history ends at around 7PM in Full History

The new Home app doesn't display full history recordings when we go to History --> Full History. It always ends around 7-ish PM each day. We can view recordings past 7PM but need to open the last recording and scroll to the left manually. This happen...

TanTnT by Community Member
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Resolved! Can't link nest to google home app.

After migrating my nest account to google.. I can't see my nest protect from google home app. When I try setup a device and choose works with Google then choose nest, it only gives me user name and password option. No log in to nest account through g...

DrRATEB by Community Member
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Seeing double

My Google home shows 2 of all my devices and I've tried deleting them and uninstalling. Nothing gets rid of the extra device. Can someone help?

Stacey80 by Community Member
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Not able to view camera records on laptop

Hi all, I got a few new google camers recently and found that I could only get the live view and history records via Google home app, there is no way for me to do it via browser like it was before. ( I was told so by Google tech support). Was wonderi...

NateQ by Community Member
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