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GB internet cut in half with nest wifi pro

I have GB internet through spectrum cable. Modem is a new motorola MB8611. With previous router i had over 800mps down and over 40 up.With the new nest wifi pro im getting 300 down and 30 up. Tried a different modem with the same results. Tried the o...

Johnfvan by Community Member
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App doesn't allow password reset

There is NO advice on this forum that works for all of us who just want to reset our passwords and NO customer service to call or chat. Incredibly frustrating customer DIService!

Dreams23 by Community Member
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14150.376.32 has destroyed my wifi network

This firmware update is awful, this seems to be a growing issue here and on Reddit. My wifi connection crashes every 5 minutes. Have tried everything, rebooting network, custom DNS, etc..., except factory reset network. Google Wifi support won't resp...

ClemmerC by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi not connecting to Dodo NBN

Following the instructions on Dodo website and the google website - no luck getting connected to the internet.I have a router provided by my Dodo and I've tried connecting the Google router directly to the NBN box and also tried connecting it to the ...

taqi by Community Member
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Google WiFi (mesh network) without Internet

Can I setup and create a Google wifi (router) mesh network to allow mesh devices to communicate without internet service? I may in the future connect the Google wifi (router) to a modem but I do not have internet service at this time.

MitchW by Community Member
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Nest Wifi issues with specific sites

Hello,We've been having issues connecting to specific sites on Nest Wifi (router and 2 points).Tried all solutions in my original poast/thread, to no avail:

Liz27 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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blocking android devices

The googles Wi-fi is blocking my Android devices I cannot update my apps on my mobile I have a Samsung Mobile and a Motorola Mobile my TV is a Sony but I can update on an iPhone. When I turn off Google's Wi-fi and start the older Wi-fi system everyth...

Mackeoin by Community Member
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New install using PPPoE

I just purchased a Nest Wifi router and point today. My ISP uses fios with PPPoE protocol. Before I unbox this is there clear guidance that the Nest Wifi works with PPPoE? Is there a preferred installation for this?Thank You

clipperqb by Community Member
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Google nest wifi

Hello, I have had a mesh system for a number of years, 3 I believe. It had served me well in the past. I have set my network up with 2 nest routers, and two nest points, with 1 of the mesh routers as a point along with the other two previously mentio...