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Nest Wifi Pro 6e Slower Than Original Google Wifi

So the new Nest WiFi Pro 6e is pretty terrible honestly. I have Fios with speeds of 2gb. On the old Google mesh system I would get 900 over 900 wifi speeds. On the new Pro 6e the best I’m getting is 500 over 400. How is this even possible. What a was...

Pcoz by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro overheating

All bandwidth in the household goes through the Nest Wifi Pro from a 1000/1000 fiber modem into a gigabit switch on the LAN. The Nest Wifi Pro was doing well for about 3-4 weeks. I was playing an online game last night and I noticed issues. Every 15-...

Lc7 by Community Member
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Why the F y'all keep on saying the "small number of users" only affected? I was in Costco & Best Buy, and they told me that LOTS of people returning it (as I returned mine too). Then in Amazon, there's more 1 star than 5 stars, and they are all ANGRY...

Nest Wifi Pro - Abysmally bad product

I have CenturyLink fiber, though I've not used a CenturyLink modem in the past. Instead I've been using an Asus router. I have around 70 devices in my home, with 20 of them LAN connected and the rest WiFi. It was overloading the Asus. Plus there were...

cantak by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest WiFi Pro - Sporadic mesh nodes going offline

Hello,I am finding that my newly acquired Nest WiFi Pro (3-pk) units have these sporadic moments where one of the nodes (or multiple) go offline for extended periods of time. My spouse and I work from home and it has the habit of doing it in the midd...

NYCHitman1 by Community Member
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Upgrading to Nest Wifi Pro from OnHub

I have 3 OnHub routers which will sadly be turned into bricks(not really but kinda) in December. I got the 40% code for a Nest wifi system earlier this year (for just one unit) but I didn't use it because I didn't see the Nest wifi as an actual upgra...

FJmanG by Community Member
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Google Nest router slow speed

I upgraded my internet to fiber and I am getting 500mbs directly from the modem but from my nest router, sometimes it's 250mbs, then it goes to 80 mbs. It seems to average 100mbs. And this is when I'm right next to the router. From what I'm seeing th...

Laketyme by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro Range

I set up the new Nest Wifi Pro mesh network in my home. To my surprise, my 1st generation eero seems to have much better range (2000 sq ft home, but main difficulty is getting to my detached office across the grass).I either set it up wrong (note: I ...

mrogers by Community Member
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Cannot delete an old IP reservation

I have a Google nest wifi router version H2D and am trying to delete an old IP reservation in settings using the android Google Home app. When I click the delete icon it just displays the "working" spinner forever. I no longer own the old device I am...

TomB67 by Community Member
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