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Nest Wifi Pro Range

I set up the new Nest Wifi Pro mesh network in my home. To my surprise, my 1st generation eero seems to have much better range (2000 sq ft home, but main difficulty is getting to my detached office across the grass).I either set it up wrong (note: I ...

mrogers by Community Member
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Cannot delete an old IP reservation

I have a Google nest wifi router version H2D and am trying to delete an old IP reservation in settings using the android Google Home app. When I click the delete icon it just displays the "working" spinner forever. I no longer own the old device I am...

TomB67 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Routers & Points 2 Ethernet Ports/Backhauling

I would love to see at least two ethernet ports on all future Google Nest Wifi products, just like the first generation Google introduced. I have five first generations Google Wifi Routers I use across my property, all of them are backhauled. (Daisy ...

Connecting Nest Wifi Pro with Nest Wifi 5ghz

Hi,I have about 7 Nest wifi 5ghz but will like to upgrade to Nest Wifi pro. I need to extend my wifi from main house to a barn/shed. Can I connect Nest wifi pro 6ghz at the house only participating in the mesh network but extend my network to the bar...

ekmhenry by Community Member
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Nest WiFi Pro-How to confirm 6E

How do you confirm 6E is being utilized? I don't see any way to actually know if you are using 6E. For the sake of argument yes everything is able to utilize 6E. The ISP Speeds, iOS device (iPad Pro 2022) etc.When I look over the Google Home App all ...

srl7741 by Community Member
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DHCP Reservation issue

The DHCP reservation doesn't allow user to specify the full IP address range. For example, the full DHCP pool should be from I tried to reserve a 192.168.87.x IP address, the second field is not modifiable: When I re...

IMG_0922.jpg IMG_0923.jpg IMG_0925.PNG
rfang by Community Member
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Info about Google Wi-Fi extender

My tech installed a Google wifi extender for better TV reception in my bedroom. Twice I've been awakened by a voice coming from the device scarring me. I have tried to activate the voice with no success. It seems to have a mind of its own. Any sugges...

70 by Community Member
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Changes in Status Report

What is "JOIN_AND_REGISTRATION_STAGE_SERVICE_ONLINE" mean? There are now 2 DNS showing on the status report now. Which one is the one Google Wifi is using now?