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Welcome to the Smart Home Developer Forum!

Hey Nest Community, Welcome to our Smart Home Developer forum! This space is for developers to discuss, collaborate, and ask questions about their Smart Home integrations using Google Home Cloud-to-cloud, Local, or Matter APIs. Once you post, fellow ...

GoogleFAQ by Solutions Expert
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Resolved! Password Protection

Someone passes on something that was not fully developed as an in-home product and delivers the next stage in the devices evolution without fully automating the product for reproduction. Because the devices previous version was passed on, the automat...

Resolved! LightEffects trait

Hello everyone!I'm developing IoT devices and integrating them with Google Home app.My devices are mostly decorative lights for home. I just tried to setup predefined light effects chooser through the Google Home app by configuring the action.devices...

ARMEN97 by Community Member
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Resolved! Just pay Sonos for God sakes!

Ive been buying Google products for years. I have a speaker in ever room in my house including bathrooms, I have 2 Google TVs. I even got pixel pros for my gf and I. Stop stripping away features. It's becoming very difficult to use my Google products...

Resolved! Plex Integration

Listen y'all, We've got a significant problem generating so much traffic to leave and go to Amazon. Plex is a massive growing platform that people are going to in droves to eliminate Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. It cover...