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Welcome to the Smart Home Developer Forum!

Hey Nest Community, Welcome to our Smart Home Developer forum! This space is for developers to discuss, collaborate, and ask questions about their Smart Home integrations using Google Home Cloud-to-cloud, Local, or Matter APIs. Once you post, fellow ...

GoogleFAQ by Solutions Expert
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Resolved! Google Home app on iOS with Wyze products

where do we find updates on the Wyze interface to Gooogle Home app. the cams wirk with TV Chromecast but not on iOS Google Home app. some say theu do work on Android Google Home app my Nestcams work on Google Home app but not my Wyze cams I am teying...

Resolved! Google Home on iOS updates

where do we find updates that are in progress for Nest cams on iOS Google Home app? I am also looking for ability to automate and script Nest cams so I can trigger lights on, etc. I am also looking for ability tonget listing of events by activity zon...

Resolved! Should completley start over as a Google Smart Home

Over years I have maintained a Google Smart Home and invested in a lot of Google hardware; I even switched from an iPhone to Pixel in order to optimize the effectiveness of the ecosystem. At one time Google Home was so promising and functioned well. ...

Resolved! Permissions / Roles Google/Nest Home

I want to add a household member, but not give them access to delete videos and users and all that stuff. I want to add a household member to everything, but not give them the right to delete history and devices/me from the account.


Title. I didn't shell out money for Hub devices for them to constantly become more and more crippled and featureless. EDIT: Leaving feedback from the device is pointless. Bugs remain unfixed and unaddressed after years of leaving feedback. Useful fea...

Resolved! Nest hub max and Google docs

It seems like people have been requesting Google docs access for 3 or 4 years now. It doesn't make sense why we wouldn't be able to use a Google product on another Google product. All of my recipes are stored on Google docs, there should be some kind...

Danibee by Community Member
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Resolved! JBL Link View unavailable features

I have a JBL Link View connected Google Home and a few days ago I noticed the clock time stopped working and it now only responds to simple requests (on/off lights, timers, tv, etc). Searching information does not show on the display and is stuck on ...