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Heat Link - No Lights, No Heating!

Hi - my Nest Thermostat is less than two years old. The Heat Link has stopped working - no lights are on. Power is connected. Tried disconnecting power for more than 2 mins and holding button for 30s. No change. H71 error code on thermostat. I've got...

saggybe by Community Member
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Furnace/air only working when I walk past my Nest

I have the heat set at 70 deg C, every morning we wake up and the temp is 61 deg in the house. I walk down to the thermostat and once it see's motion, it turns the heat on. Same thing happens during the day when I'm in the basement working and my wif...

driscolld by Community Member
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Nest N72 Error Split System

Error N72: "Power wire Rh detected. No connection to equipment." 24VAC confirmed. Thermostat had been working fine since I installed C from the air handler to power the Nest. From our standard, ducted air conditioning system we have four wires:YGRcC ...

BryanD by Community Member
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Hysteresis/Swing Band

I am trying to "continue" a previously posted and very important issue thread from September 2021 that was pre-maturely "locked". I have to agree with the issue in this post and thread that was prematurely locked on Sept 15, 2021. The NEST Thermostat...

Greygeek by Community Member
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2nd Generation Inside Temperature Incorrect

My 2nd Generation Learning Thromostat is displaying the wrong inside temperature and will not turn on the heat due to it thinking it's 10+ degrees warmer inside. Currently it thinks it is 80 degrees, when it is 67. I have restarted the Nest, performe...

Jkoz38 by Community Member
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Eco temperatures never end

I use the home away function only on my two nest protects that are in the second floor bedrooms. I don't use my phone or the thermostat for the home away function. After nest has gone to away, my thermostat will go to Eco temperatures. But sometimes ...

Bacon by Community Member
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Schedule not changing in line with clocks going back on hour

In the UK the clocks went forward a couple of days ago. My NEST, however, is starting one hour earlier than it should, which means it has not adapted to the change of time. It starts at 5.00am, for example, when it should now begin at 6.00am.The time...

Simon1 by Community Member
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Nest thermistat

When set at 69degrees.. home temp was 68 for an hour until heat turned on .why does it wait so long……

Marky by Community Member
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