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Nest Battery Issues

We bought our house 2 years ago, and it came with a Nest Learning Thermostat. I have no idea how old the thermostat is, but the previous owners did leave the box it came in. Anyway, for 2 years, we have only had small issues with the thermostat. This...

New User - Nest thermostat

When I adjust my thermostat to 68° The screen reads “68° in 2+ hours.” Why the heck would it take TWI hours to heat from 55° to 68°? It’s been well over two hours already, and it’s only at 57 now. I hate this app. We bought the house and Nest was alr...

MCR426 by Community Member
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Thermostat says heating is on but isn’t

Hello, I wonder if someone could help me. I have had a Nest thermostat for a couple of years. Approximately 6 months ago I had the box that connects to my boiler replaced. This was done for free by Boxt so I would guess it was an issues with the box ...

Sanchezmo by Community Member
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Heat Link won’t fire boiler for heating

I have had to replace the Heat Link owing to some problem that caused it to fail. Google supplied a replacement which was fitted today. However, although the Nest app shows that the heating has fired up (usual orange screen) the boiler actually hasn’...

Simon_J by Community Member
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2nd Gen Nest Thermostat no power

  hi. Came down this morning and the thermostat was dead. Charged it a bit put it back on and it says no power to RH wire or something. Then later the messages I photographed. Also doesn't seem to be holding a charge in the battery. Will a dead batte...

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setting maximum temperature

we have our maximum temperature set at 20here in the uk. the thermostst seems to have a mind of its own and goes up to 27 we ever have to turn the boiler off or cool the nest thermostat down then this will work for a few days and then goes backup to ...

fjr1300 by Community Member
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no power during hard rains on 2 out of 3 units

hello,I have 3 nests in my house that have been installed and functioning for about 1 year. we have had major rains these past few weeks, and tonight 2 of the 3 units say they have no r power and give the e195 error code. one is a small unit for 2 be...

egarrett by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat and Aux Heat

I have just installed a Nest Thermo and I want to control the settings for the Aux Heat. The Nest app does not have the options the website ( ) says it sh...

Nest thermostat

I have a 1st generation nest thermostat that’s been working fine. I changed my Wi-Fi settings and my thermostat wasn’t connecting to Wi-Fi and I couldn’t get it to reconnect so I reset it to factory default. I went through and set it up and got it on...

Hague by Community Member
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