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Nest thermostat sensor

Hello! I had issues with my nest thermostat and had to delete my other account so I had to reset the thermostat, however now I can’t get the sensor to connect. It continuously says it is connected to another account. I have taken the battery out and ...

Nest sensor temperature incorrect

Have had sensors connected to various thermostats for the last year. Getting ready to go to heating season and noticed that one sensor was disconnected. Spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get it to reconnect to the thermostat. Finally swapp...

Gjs by Community Member
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Neat sensor

Is there a way to set the thermostat to use a sensor for heating/cooling for weekdays and an alternate sensor on the weekend? This would be convenient for work from home offices.

Quinault by Community Member
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accurate thermostats

@Nest thermostat: respect your goals but to get to the next level: use temp sensors every (5m)^2; map airflows; control all registers

Thermostat HELP

Hi, our Nest Thermostat is in our Florida Condo rental. Is there a way to stop guests from setting the thermostat to 51 to get the unit cooler? Or is there someway I can be notified when it’s set to a ridiculous temperature ? HELP

Neat thermostat sensor misplaced

Help. I see my sensor is connected and showing a cooler temp BUT I can’t find it in my house. I tried heating each room with a space heater but the sensor temp is not changing. How can I find it?

Is the Google Nest Temperature Sensor supported in NZ

I’m in NZ.I am trying to connect Google Nest Temperature sensors to my Google learning thermostat.but the stat is suggesting I need to download software, but when I try to update software I’m told it’s up to are Google Nest Temperature Sensor...

Gazro by Community Member
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Resolved! adding a Nest sensor

I'm trying to add a Nest sensor to my Nest Thermostat E. The sensor was connected by the previous homeowner, so I know it can be done. Online directions tell me to go to Settings on the Nest app on my iPhone and tap "add product". But there is no suc...

Molly2 by Community Member
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Nest sensor doesnt work unless its right next to thermostat

I set up my nest thermostat sensor just now and will not connect if it is more than 5 feet from the thermostat. It said the range was 50ft when I bought it. It's kind of useless at such a low range when I wanted it in the bedroom. How can I fix this?...