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Is there no way to schedule the temperature sensors?

I have single-zone heating controlled by a Nest Learning Thermostat. This means that the temperature between the upstairs and downstairs varies quite a lot (idk 3 or 4 degrees)I bought a nest temperature sensor to try to smooth over this difference. ...

Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 9.39.30 AM.png
cbandes by Community Member
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Nest Temperature sensor (all 3) offline notification

Been using the setup for a year without any issue. Few days ago, Nest app notification started to go off through out the day warning about temperature sensor offline (all 3, ding, ding, ding!).What I tried so far- Restarted main thermostat- Checked b...

richardx by Community Member
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Nest Sensor Integration - What is the integration delay?

I love the Google Nest Ecosystem, as I have been using the Protect Smart Smoke/CO2 detectors in my houses since they were released. I love the ecosystem mainly because it keeps my family safe and helps conserve energy! My family recently moved into a...

Thermostat says wiring needs changed, won’t turn on AC compressor.

The thermostat has been saying for a few days that the wiring needs to be updated but it’s been installed for years with no issues. Saying there is an issue with the Y1 wire. Now the system randomly today won’t kick on the outdoor AC compressor so th...

Dferg by Community Member
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Google Nest Temperature Sensors supported in NZ?

I’m in NZ.I am trying to connect Google Nest Temperature sensors to my Google learning thermostat.but the stat is suggesting I need to download software, but when I try to update software I’m told it’s up to date. There was another thread that has be...

Nest temperature sensor not working

I am not able to connect my temperature sensor with my thermostat. It worked fine for ~2 months and then the app started reporting connectivity issue. I tried all the instructions to reconnect by removing from the app and removing battery for more th...

sanjayg by Community Member
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My tempature keeps changing

The tempature keeps changing. I have it on a schedule and the tempature will change. I have already reset the system a lot. This system is not cost effective like it claims. My electric bill has doubled.

Magoo by Community Member
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How do I connect existing sensors?

We bought a home with the nest learning thermostat already installed. It works perfectly fine however, how do you set up the sensors there’s 21 in each bedroom.@

Smokey2 by Community Member
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Google Nest Temperature Sensor

Let me see if I have this correct. After basically being forced to migrate my nest account to Google home to set up my thermostat in my new home I am now unable to set up my Google Nest Temperature Sensor in the Google home app because it is not comp...

Google Temperature sensor - not working

I have a google temperature sensor not connecting it connected for the first few days , then went offline in the appi removed it and reader it back, but it does not connect with the thermostat i have put a new battery in iti have tried some of the su...

DewIt by Community Member
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