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Heating outside of schedule

Recently the NEST has been switching on the heating around 2am most (not all) mornings at heating to a temperature that’s not on the schedule. I’ve seen a few people have had this issue but can’t see any responses with a ‘why’ and a ‘fix’. Any ideas ...

99HS by Community Member
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Active sensor times

It would be nice to have the ability in the Nest App to customize the time ranges for which room sensors are active and when. Currently they are all preset to specific times for morning, afternoon, evening, and night.


I removed my phone from the nest thermostat app and now I can't reconnect it how do I do that?

Touch screen support

Hello, it would be nice to see if chromecast with google tv can support touch screen to ease of use. Thank you.

billycylo by Community Member
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My email couldn't verified

Hello sir/ma'am my email I'd ######### is not login since 2 months.please help me to get verification code on my phone because verification code couldn't Able to received on my please register my email I'd ######### thank you...


How do I reconnect the nest app to the learning gen 3 thermostat. It is currently offline. Tried to scan the qr code with the phone camera but it will not translate to the app. Any suggestions

DB2022 by Community Member
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