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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey everyone, 


Hot summer nights are upon us and Google just keeps bringing the heat. With updates and new products galore, check out everything you may have missed this past month and enjoy our social and community shout outs!



You can now view your Nest Cameras and Doorbell video feed on your Chromecast with Google TV. Get all the details in our latest blog


Pixel fans, the time is here: Pixel 6a is available now! Check out this fun Q&A with some of our team about Pixel 6a and the Pixel Buds Pro.


And on that note, Pixel Buds Pro are  now available! Read up on all the great details in our blog post in the Pixel Buds community.


Head over to the Gstore to order Pixel 6a or Pixel Buds Pro now! 


Social shout-out:

Pixel Buds Pro, workouts and Beyonce? Name a better trio, I’ll wait…


Never miss a meteor with your Nest Cams.

Community shout-out:
Thanks to @Ashepherdson for helping our community member @Royalboater with their downloading Nest Thermostat history question. Need to quickly download your Nest Thermostat History? Just follow the tips on this post. Thanks for lending a helping hand!

Shout out to@Ashepherdson for being one of our top kudos community Product Experts! And thank you to all our community members for helping each other out this month. 

Don’t forget:
Join in on the fun discussion over on our Home Automation Hub! We love to hear about all your great ideas and the ways you use automation in your homes. Who doesn’t love making life a little bit easier? Start a discussion or join in on a fun thread anytime. 

The Google Nest team