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I need replacement outdoor camera magnets- support said they cannot help unless its warranty?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Paige AZ 


I need replacement magnetic mounts for my outdoor cameras (not the IQ ones)... I have searched extensively online but there are none available. The Nest Google Support forums here say to contact support and they can send one out- I did that but support said they would not help. They said they only send them to people under warranty, but I pointed out this isn't possible since all of that model are over 1yr old at this point...... help!!! I need a replacement magnet mount thing, even if I have to pay for it! My dog chewed it up 😞


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I have same they really want to force us to buy a whole new camera just to get the magnet?

It really is mind boggling that they cannot provide a spare part to purchase...

It's sneaky is what it is. They want us to toss the camera and buy a whole new one for almost $300 because they outsmarted us. Google does it again.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Paige AZ and peterbgardner

Thank you for your patience with us! We've created a case for each of you (a new one for Paige, respectively) and your issue to send to our support team. Be on the lookout for an email from us in your inbox soon. 
Much obliged,

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Still no help from google.

I own multiple cameras, thermostat, wi-fi mesh, doorbell...but can't get a **bleep** replacement magnet....  😡

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Hey there! Did you ever get any help? I just spent an hour on support for them to tell me that even though I've got $1000 worth of Nest products they won't send me a silly part that makes the camera useable. Really hoping there is a solution for us somewhere because this is absurd! 

There has been no response...  I replied and asked for update, but nothing.

I really wish I had not purchased so many google products, cameras, doorbell, wi-fi mesh, thermostat...  in the future, as I need to replace, I will seek other brands.