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Nest Doorbell battery suddenly drained within 24 hours and didn’t recharge

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After 1+ months without any issues and being fully charged I suddenly got a notification that my new Nest Doorbell (Battery) has disabled recording due to low battery. I figured it might be a glitch in the matrix and resolve itself as it says it’s still plugged in but it just stayed at 17 hour remaining with 3% power.


My doorbell is wired (12v) and I’ve checked it several times over of the past month with it reporting to be fully charged. I unhooked the doorbell, restart it by holding the pin for 5 seconds, and starting manually charging it using a USB-C cable. It indicated it was slowly charging due to extreme temperatures.


What exactly counts as extreme temperatures? I live in Ohio and while it is the winter the temperature has been between 10F and 20F overnight which seems well within the operating temperatures listed in the specs (

I’ve already adjusted my doorbell settings to be more power efficient and it isn’t in a high traffic area as it only records at most 10 events a day. I would have expected it to not drain so quickly and also give me more of a heads up before it got to 3%. I’m going to try fully recharging it manually and then seeing what happens. I would not have purchased it had I known during certain winter and summer months it would essentially revert into a not smart doorbell.

Is this a known issue? If so, is it something that is being worked on?




We have the Nest Hello Doorbells and not the battery doorbell, but you could look at this long thread, where other customers are reporting problems where the doorbell--when wired--can't stay charged in cooler temperatures that are well within the operating temperature range.

Thanks for the link. It’s good to know that at least I’m not crazy as it seems those reports exactly line up with what I’ve experienced.


You could also see this article on 9to5Google (with the correct link):

This link is to the the post I just created (this post).

I corrected the link to the 9to5Google article.

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Well its obviously a flaw as the other nests are all outside in the exact same temp and they have NO issue!!  Recall the **bleep** units Google.


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Well I’m glad I’m not the crazy one either. I could easily cut and paste this post and it would nearly identical to my issues. Except I think I’m in even warmer conditions being in St Louis area.

I agree recall them because I can’t see how a firmware or any other software update could solve this issue. there’s a design issue with the battery it seems. 

How did you get a new one?  Mine won’t charge at all.

I just reached out to support via chat, tried everything they asked, and they initiated a replacement.

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Something else I noticed is that on the battery screen where it shows plugged in and infinite is white. I remember when I manually charged it up it was blue which I suspect means it was really at 100% battery. It'd be great if while wired in it'd actually still show the percent rather than just suddenly showing as dead.


They are going to send me a replacement though I'm fairly skeptical that is the cause of the issue. That and I think switching to a new doorbell means I lose my current video history and saved faces.