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Please allow safe list in Familiar faces. Please update these weak nest integrations.

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Please update these weak nest cam Google home app integrations! 

Please allow an option to group my familiar faces!! 

The most obvious and simple solution I would describe this is a safe list + everyone else. 


All recognized faces go to a review list by default. Then give me an option to add them to my known visitor list.


Names on the approved list should let me choose.

Do I want alerts for name X  or not? 

For my situation at an apartment entry hall, I  only need an alert for strangers. The announcement of my neighbor going about his business 4x a day is not helpful as an "announcement" notification. On the Google Home speakers.  My friend/partner's name when walking to the door is ok. However  the all or nothing phone and smart display option for notifications. Is horrible  Honestly I have 10+ Gogle home devices and 2 with screens.

Allowing my cameras to show video for them and muting everything else would be great. 

Please update these weak nest integrations if they are not updated soon why would I choose to pay more for this??


No. But thanks for sharing

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I second this, what is the point of having familiar faces if we are not even given the option to say "I don't need an alert for people I know walking around, only the unfamiliar faces are cause for alert"?

It has been this way for over 4 years at least and they are radio silent on the whole issue and just end up locking threads for the copious amounts of requests people are putting out there that want this very basic feature on a very premium product.

Google doesn't really care about community feedback and never has, they make what they want to make in the fashion they want to make it and tell you to take it or leave it, honestly best to just move on and vote with your money, when my doorbell dies I will not be replacing it with another nest.

Ouch, I think I understand. Read a few posts that looked similar. But no true answers didn't realize it had been going on this long. I received the nest doorbell battery + a nest cam as a gift from my workplace. Thought it was cool just didn't understand the familiar face options...  Turns out it's not me.. Just a weak implementation of what could be a better function.   I will not be paying after the fee trial period ends.

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