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Video Preview in notifications via Home app not showing after upgrade to Android 12

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After I upgraded my phone to Android 12 a few weeks ago, the Video Preview in the notifications from the Home app are now gone. I only receive textual notifications, and then have to go through the time consuming effort of going into the app.

Everything worked before I upgraded to Android 12, and it's pretty annoying as it's probably my most used feature after setting everything up. I have 2x Google Nest Cam IQ and a Google Doorbell (Battery).

Is there any solution out there, or do I just have to wait patiently for an update of the Home app? Would be nice to get an ETA on that update as well...


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So glad I only invested a small amount. Going all complete of Google Ecosystem would of been worse.

Just needed couple of cameras until my double glazed refitting of doors and windows then look for another solution that works later.

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Community Specialist


We’re always looking for ways to improve, and appreciate your feedback. You can send it at any time using your devices by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback," or by following the steps found here

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Same issue here on note 10+. I've been waiting for an update to hopefully fix it for months. Battery saver makes no difference for me.

Does anyone have an email address or a link to a support/contact form that we can all use to report this? Nothing seems to be happening from this forum. 

Good luck. I've filled out the form and after exhausting all troubleshooting avenues, I was told it's a Samsung issue.🙄. Google does not have a solution.

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It seems like there are many users here with the same easily reproducible issue. The issue is within an interface in a Google app and how that app displays info from a Google Nest camera on the Android OS which is maintained by Google. It is very rare to see an app developer (Google in this case) blame a device manufacturer for an issue in an app. Especially when the manufacturer is the largest manufacturer of android devices on the planet. Samsung is very unlikely to change its OS for an issue with an app. It would be very unusual if they did.


@Brad thanks for monitoring the thread and keeping the conversation going. It seems that the offer to submit feedback to Google here or elsewhere, on this issue has not resulted in a fix here so is there another approach?


@Brad I think the community here would really welcome an update from the Google side on what the likely outcome is here. If Google are not going to engage in a fix here, as this is fundamental functionality of a csmera system, then it makes the nest system a non-viable option for a camera system for many users including myself. 


@Brad While I appreciate the standard way to provide feedback is through the Google home device, that's not working on this occasion. Would it be possible for you to get an update on it from your side or direct me to a channel where we can get an update from the Google side?