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Which of two nest doorbell plates should be installed first - wireless option

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Edwin Baiye 


I just got my new wireless nest doorbell but can’t seem to figure out which of the two back plates to install first. Not clear from all the videos

Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hi Edwin, 
If you are using the wedge, you will need to install that first. You can then screw the flat mounting plate to the wedge using the small screws provided.
The installation video is here, but more specifically, this link should take you straight to the relevant part of the video (3min, 1sec in case the link doesn't work).
Let me know if you need any other assistance. 
All the best, 
-from Phil (Product Expert)

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Quelqu'un sait qu'elle est l'angle de la cale fourni ???