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I'm getting ads on YouTube when casting to Chromecast (2nd Generation) despite I have Premium.

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I'm getting ads on my Chromecast (2nd Generation) and I do not know why.

This problem started a couple of days ago when I started getting ads on YouTube-videos on my (Chromecast 2nd gen) even though I have Youtube Premium Lite (It is a cheaper version of Premium but the difference is that it only removes ads, it is so far only available in Europe). This has never been an issue before. 


I figured this would stop I logged in but when I tried to log in I received this error message:


Basically it says in Swedish that I can't log in to this TV but that I can still watch as a guest.

I rarely watch YouTube on anything other than my Chromecast so it would be good to know if I should end my subscription to Premium Lite or if this problem can be solved.

Update: I know that YouTube is aware of this issue casue I emailed them but they just said they will look deeper into this. YouTube has not replied in over a week so I feel like this will never be solved. So if you have Premium, CANCEL IT.  


Clarify: I marked a reply as a solution after I tried the steps and it worked! But the day after I got ads again. I have now unmarked the message as a solution and I'm very sorry if this caused any misunderstanding.



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My God, the genius of it!

Working as intended?


 Needless to say, this isn’t what Google calls “the best experience.” I would HARDLY call this “as intended.”

Hell, I forgot about my Chromecast Audio! I don’t use it, but my wife used to complain if it wasn’t working in the kitchen on the Sony mini system. She hasn’t complained recently, so maybe it still works. But yeah, I bought one of those too. I mean, I’ve given Google way more money than they deserve. I convinced the whole family (wife, stepdaughters, and in-laws) to switch from iPhone to Android when I joined the family. How the hell am I going to explain to them how wrong I was?

1. If it was never supported, why was the feature rolled out? This exact feature upgrade in my first Chromecast is why I went and bought the other four. So as a customer, the entire purpose of buying 4/5 of the devices I own was for this now defunct, but never supported feature? Of course I'm infuriated by this feature being cut.

2. It ANY time someone uses the remote, or if someone uses google home controls to pause playback from a device not logged in. In fact, if you're not jealously protecting playback from anyone in the family from doing the things they've become accustomed to over the last couple of years, BAM! Now you're watching ads.


In short. Jam it.

Thanks for posting this, @JenniferV  - I really appreciate you making the effort to continue to pursue and update us on this.

However point 1 of the response you have shared is categorically incorrect, which should be inherently obvious from the number of people in this thread and others complaining of the same thing - for several months we were able to sign into the YouTube app from our older, non-GTV enabled Chromecast devices and we have clearly become accustomed to this functionality.

I'll concede that the feature was not present when I originally purchased any of my Chromecast devices, however this is not the same as what your team is reporting who appear to believe that this feature was never present on the devices (unless they are pedantically claiming that a feature can be present but not "supported", which I'm afraid only makes things worse). It also doesn't excuse the fact that this functionality was removed from these older devices with no warning whatsoever.

I, and I'm sure at least some others experiencing this issue, am willing to accept the fact that the older devices no longer support this issue and forgive the mistake, so long as Alphabet / Google rectify the issue by running a promotion whereby YouTube Premium customers can receive a free replacement Chromecast device that does support this functionality (similar to the offer run a year or so ago with Google Stadia). This would not alleviate everybody's concerns and would not guarantee everybody's continued loyalty to your services, however I think it could be seen to be doing "enough" to make amends for what is being interpreted as an intentional obsolescence of the older Chromecast devices.

Please let me know if you would be willing to put this to Google and, if so, how they respond. Should this not be forthcoming, I unfortunately predict that the damage this will do to the Chromecast user and YouTube Premium subscriber bases will not be recoverable for some time.

Thanks very much in advance.

Wow. Working as intended? Nerfing working hardware and being annoying as f**k was the goal?!?

At least give us the control to uninstall the youtube app and revert the software to a less annoying version. 

I really dislike the "f**k you" attitude google is sporting ATM...

"...your membership benefits are available across all devices with access to YouTube.""...your membership benefits are available across all devices with access to YouTube."

"Oh, but YouTube isn't available on that model," right?

"Note: YouTube bay not be available on some device models, even if the device manufacturer is listed below.""Note: YouTube bay not be available on some device models, even if the device manufacturer is listed below."


God, do you need lawyers to explain it to you? Not that you people are worth the millions it would cost but this is absolutely ridiculous.

So now not only am I paying another $40-$50 for a new Chromecast, but before my Google One subscription renews, I am switching over to iCloud. Same price. So that's another $119.88/year you WON'T be getting from me. Imagine the savings... if Google just replaced the devices, they could continue to make money from anyone who makes this move. God knows what the Chromecasts actually COST, but we know that the One Drive must be breaking even by now. Why build giant crypto-mining servers when you can just mine PEOPLE for CHEAP?

Or is that internal slogan gone with "Don't Be Evil."?Or is that internal slogan gone with "Don't Be Evil."?

Just like NATO trying to prevent russian escalation, a lack of action only made matters worse. Just like Macron and Scholz trying to talk the aggressor down, you asked me not to go to social media and keep it here. And NOTHING. Doing nothing, not providing solutions, not bringing this to Google’s attention, or allowing Google make you ignore it, is as bad as an attack.

I went to your Twitter team and they were just as apathetic. So I went back again today. This time, publicly, because the DM they insisted on went unanswered.

1. Sorry, but that's total BS. While it was true in the beginning, the Chromecast later got the same YouTube app as TVs and Android TV. Since then it was possible to log in, and it might even have happened automatically.

Some news articles that prove how factually wrong that first statement is:

Please tell the team that they are objectively wrong. The fact that they don't know this is hugely embarrassing to be honest.

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I'm sorry but am I missing something here, thousands of people have been happily signed in to and using their Chromecast without issues for years.  This team you refer to needs a boot up the a***, please pass this on to them. 

Same here.

I am definitely pissed.

Do I really have to buy a new Chromecast now. Really??

Is that what you call "Premium"? Thanks for nothing.

Mate, I'm up for 5 and my GF is up for 2.. and she moves in next month, so 7 for our place. 

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Yep... It's bull crap.

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Huh. So I searched “android tv devices” and Google’s terrible search engine suggested a lot of GCwGTV devices. Interesting to note that many places are currently selling them at $40 reduced price, as they are 4K devices and a 1080 model is right around the corner. But then I saw THIS:

Not only were these NEVER Android TV devices, but Google is still pushing these further through their own ads even though they’re also reducing features on these GA00439 units that make them into even more useless devices.

I’m searching for alternatives. I’m also buying offline storage so I can get rid of Google Drive. But that’s besides the point.

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Working as intended without a doubt, but not as advertised.

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This isn’t over. Just signed up for iCloud, will be migrating from Google One Drive ASAP. Will need offline storage first.

Lengthy conversation with Made By Google on Twitter. They wanted to go to DM. They refused to switch to email conversation. So I have them my opinion. They never responded. I will post here as soon as I can.

Getting out of YouTube Premium will be harder, as the girls and my father-in-law use YouTube Music and YouTube Premium extensively. But at least I can get out of online storage. They might have to suffer through advertisements if they want to keep using YouTube, but I like the suggestion for getting around that.


Because of all of my research into the issue, using Google of course, reading the news in the morning and during the day online means that I am constantly bombarded with advertisements for the stupid 3rd-gen Chromecast. Now defunct. I will not buy a replacement. If Google wants me to continue using their product, they will have to replace the ones they intentionally broke. It’s too bad what Google has turned YouTube into these days. Some of the original top creators are sick of the monetization process too. Remember, Google is of course capitalizing on everything they do. And I have no problem with capitalism. What I have a problem with is dishonesty and actual attacks on hardware to push sales.


The dishonest part is Google pretending that they don’t know what the issue is, and asking about the symptoms and suggesting B.S. like unplugging it and plugging it back in again, factory reset, etc.


Attacking is simply turning off a switch in California to disable a feature without warning, when the device clearly wasn’t ready.

Again, I’m sure Apple is no better. But Google is too deeply ingrained to everyone’s lives. Currently I’m trying to operate my iPhone as if it were one of my old Pixels or other HTC Androids. It does’t work so well. So I’ll switch over to the iOS ecosystem. Period.

At least you got a response.


The other thing that's bugging me is all the android authority and android police types not even covering this BS. 


I've signed up to curiosity stream, ironically saw a zeFrank clip that had a discount code.. $15USD for a year. Should keep the kids' curiosity satisfied.

Yeah, I got nothing from any of them. The Made By Google Twitter account pretty much wanted me to shut up and take the conversation off the thread. By the way, that team is the same team that covers this forum.




 We signed up for Curiosity Stream a while ago, can't remember if it was The History Guy, zefrank, or who... but yeah. It's pretty good. And boy do I miss zefrank's older stuff, but I'm glad he's doing True Facts. Except that after watching a True Facts about the Beaver I get smacked with some random video about a 13 year old sharing her opinion about the latest skimpy t-shirt the bought at the mall and has to hide from her parents because it's too inappropriate for a kid to be wearing... and then proceeds to wear it.

And now Stephan Bucher illustrate your experience with Google as they stab you in the back. (from now Stephan Bucher illustrate your experience with Google as they stab you in the back. (from

The show with zeFrank was the best.

I was talking to my oldest about this **bleep** show, and during our chat I was reminded how good the Xperia Z's were, like bombproof. I'm due for a new phone this year, so I'm thinking a switch from pixel to Xperia might be on the cards.

I'm not convinced about the apple cloud storage. I'm going to work that one out with my partner.. she's a die hard apple fan, but it makes sense for us to move to the same. Ironically, a couple of weeks ago I had her convinced with Google photos to move to drive with me. 

When I got married, the girls all had iPhones. I convinced them to switch to Google six years ago. The girls each have a Pixel 4a, and the wife has a Galaxy S21+. She and the oldest have always had Galaxy phones since I came into the picture, but the wife has had nothing but issues with her most recent two. She is even considering an iPhone again because of that.


I didn’t think Sony was making phones anymore? They are my top brand, the 55” 4K and my 40” 1080 are Bravias. Plus I’ve got the SoundBase which is phenomenal. The 55” still has its own YouTube app, which works fine, but my 40” has nothing. It had the 2nd Gen Chromecast but now I have the old PS4 Pro hooked up just to watch YouTube again. I’ve got a Chromecast Audio plugged into the Sony mini system in the kitchen for the wife to listen to when she’s doing stuff. If Sony still makes phones, I’d consider it… I’m not an Apple fan. I only got the 12 mini because everything else is too big. Even my 3a was too tall. The original XL was way too big but I wanted the battery life. And it was HTC, the best manufacturer around in my opinion, until, we’ll, Google bought their talent and killed them.

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paying for YouTube premium but can’t sign in to my chromecast TV (latest update)

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You're not paying enough. Have you tried sending google more money?

Not so fun fact: I can't even do this. The 3rd gen chromecast is the latest version available in Brazil.

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Issue still persists 4th of July in Ireland 

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What a pain in the neck, trying to transfer everything from Google Drive to iCloud Drive without a MacBook. My understanding is that neither company is willing to allow a transfer from one to the other, so I have to DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING and REUPLOAD. But I will make it happen, and I will get rid of Google Drive, because that’s another $120/year Google can’t get from me anymore.

of course, I’m still paying $180/year for this stupid YouTube Premium, because I don’t want to hear the flack from the family.


You know, if Google would just switch back, this wouldn’t happen. They’d keep getting my money. To try and squeeze more out of me, a veteran Google loyalist for how long now? Since the beginning of Gmail and Chrome? If they didn’t use such **bleep**ty tactics to try and eek more cash out of me, I’d be fine with it. But nope. They went ahead and pulled this seemingly innocuous move and it just shows how greedy they are. It is going to be the end of them.

Does iCloud have a client app for PC?


I have the drive client app, and it replicates all my files to my PC. I imagine if I had an iCloud app on the same PC, I could simply drag and drop, then leave the PC running for a few hours..

I've been doing some research on Drive replacement. Pretty sure I'm about to sign up for


Canadian based, so no dodgy American privacy issues, and fully encrypted. And cheap.

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I have noticed the same problem about 3 weeks ago. I didn't think much of the problem as there was issues with the Google search website in South Africa. After reading this forum... I am surprised that there is no solution. What is it that needs to be said for Google to catch a wake-up? How about just forgetting about this Youtube-App via Chromecast all together. I don't need it anyways; or at least give the option to only cast.

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But... There is a solution... Ditch your obsolete device and give google some more money for a new one. That will fix it until they decide they wand more of your money, but when that happens you'll know how to fix it.

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You spelt 'ditch your obsolete device and give someone other than Google your money' wrong.

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YouTube TV in Chromecast 2nd gen has been refusing to sign in to my Google account for a few weeks. I tried to reset the device a couple times, leave it powered off, restarting it... no improvement whatsoever: the app on the device refuses to sign in. YouTube app on my Android phone connects to the Chromecast normally.

Google has been deliberately breaking their product despite me keeping to the terms of the deal which is to supply my own data. This is a legalised fraud.

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I'm also having this problem and even before I came here I'd done all the troubleshooting and fix steps without success.

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Same problem 

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Same issue 

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Has anyone had any success in sorting out this issue? It's been weeks and I still can't sign in to my YouTube Premium when I use Chromecast and I haven't heard anything back from YouTube team

they aren’t going to solve the issue. They did it deliberately to make everyone buy a new device. Google does not care about its users. So they will have a lot less paying users in the future.

Hi Meggy,

I wish Google would just be forthcoming with the community. The tweet linked above seems to say the quiet part out loud. Let's be honest, spending energy and resources on removing features is Google's MO. Combine that with corp greed and this move makes more sense: nerf existing products to encourage adoption of newer ones. Maybe I shouldn't assume malice when the situation can be explained away by incompetence... but the company's silence is making it difficult to give them the benefit of the doubt.